Le’Vell Zimmerman FB Messages – July 26, 2015


Know the manifestation energies amongst Earth humanity at present are stronger than they have been in many thousands of years in linear time, where the last time this energetic state of creation was present on the surface was even before Atlantis was destroyed.It is very important for souls intending to ascend more into a graceful reality to remain emotionally balanced and present more each moment, where the frequencies you cultivate within are manifesting rapidly as physical aspects of your reality.

Here is where you can sense how what you focus on with you energy is being created as you become emotionally involved with what you are viewing naturally as mental analysis kicks in and will always see from a place of separation in choosing a victim,or expressing an opinion of something being good/bad or right/wrong, which are judgements.

You will notice how the majority of what is being presented by your main stream media outlets and the many billions of souls still controlled by the Ego mind are distorted reality based in lack, limitation, death, destruction, and fear, where the energies that come along with these expressions cater to the manifestation of similar energetic events in one’s own experience that spread like a disease based in fear amongst this species.


In realizing the divine nature of these transmissions, never is this Facebook page about financial gain, promoting a product, sharing opinions, coming to agreements, accumulating “followers”, entertaining debates, achieving outer attention or any other form of illusory mental activity in being a highly evolved platform of Angelic service to this dimension.

Who we are of the Angelic Realms, of the Galactic Council, of the Galactic Federation of Light are here expressing the divine truth of this reality for all souls who are open to what is known within the heart space, which is a free will choice of openness through the spiritual maturity of one’s sensitivity.

With the array of global changes taking place now that all souls are intuitively aware of, you can sense the seriousness of such a transition, where this seriousness is reflective in the peaceful focus and consistency of these expressions, in there being no room for “jokes”, “LOL’s”, “LMAO’s”, disrespect, emotional distortions through curse words, or even the need to participate in debates via the “comment section” in the truth being that there is no right/wrong, only peace or the illusion of separation which is the foundation of disagreement as a mental activity.

Know that the announcement of our physical presence is inevitable, where those not grounded within the heart space are susceptible to the chaos of panic based in fear that the majority of humanity will express, which can be avoided through allowing yourself the freedom to go within yourself as a healing process of releasing the minds activity for more peace.


The status of all Star Seeds,Indigo’s, and Lightworker’s in this dimension is about being of service to the Light, where one’s service is in acting as a healer through shining the light of divine truth within amongst the darkness of distorted realities that have been cultivated throughout the surface of this planet.

Know that the omnipotence of this divine light within you radiates as the frequency of truth which is peace, where this vibration has the ability to dissolve all other temporary frequencies of expression in being eternal in nature.

An energetic aspect of the peaceful presence one is responsible for here on Earth in service is that of “compassion”, which is about accepting all in realizing the illusory nature of all distortions that serve as catalyst for all life in developing a deeper awareness of their own glory, where there are no victims, only various expressions of the Infinite Creator unfolding that which is necessary to embody the spiritual maturity that come along with the manifestation of ones deepest intentions.

Never is compassion to be confused with “pity” or “sympathy”, where these expressions only cause one to take on the illusory vibrational frequencies of those that need your support which is not healing but enhancing the frequencies of sorrow and victimization, that also create similar realities amongst your own experience.



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