Le’Vell Zimmerman Messages

These messages are only for serious souls on the Ascension path.

It is an error in consciousness to ignore the fact that Billions of Soul are not choosing to Ascend, and will be leaving this Dimension in high numbers as the energies increase.

Your spiritual strength is in knowing this and being able to balance yourself in the internal peace needed to remain calm amongst a shocked and fearful population.

Being serious about Unity, Kindness, Grace, Gentleness, Respect, and your Light work, is assisting in your elevation beyond Duality.

Many in Ego ignore this reality, focusing only on the “positive” aspects of this transition, while at the same time, covering up hidden fears that are not being addressed, causing them to manifest in the coming moments.

This is about knowing this experience to be holographic, coming from your own Heart Space.

When you close your eyes and vibrate at the frequency of peace, it does not matter what is happening in the illusion.

Clearly your calm will be the Light that those unaware of this transition will look to for strength in the increasing darkness in this now.

The foundation of your expansion into full consciousness is in grounding yourself beyond the limitations and chaos of mental activity, which is a continuous process of development.

In truth it is about embracing a more intuitive lifestyle each and every moment, where this healing is not about being in meditation all day, but allowing a focused clarity in all that you do through being more present.

Inner stillness is an integrated aspect within the lifestyles of all mature souls in this dimension, where there are other activities such as a constant stream of peaceful creativity, physical exercise, conscious breathing practices, and emotional balancing within that is catering to an upgraded presence on a daily basis.

Here is where you can sense that the most important focus remains within your own being, where this evolved lifestyle is allowing you to move beyond the constant mental activity of Ego based living, to a space where there is little to no questions, or thoughts throughout your day, only a graceful unfoldment of your glory that is gentle in nature.

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