Last Day of June, and the Last Days of the Dark Cabal

sunset June 28

Can you believe it will be July tomorrow???!!

I wish everyone pleasant and safe Canada Day and Independence Day (ironic to many of us) festivities this weekend. In a way, it will be more true than ever, as we kick the cabal down the street and off our planet.

In most ways, things are fairly normal in my world for this time of year.

The monsoon season came a little earlier than usual, though, thank goodness, as it’s been super hot and dry for so long. We had our first thunderstorm two nights ago—short, but it packed a punch. A stack of five patio chairs moved 5 feet to the West and the rain was coming sideways.

On our early walk next day we saw scads of overturned wheelie-bins, including those with trash in them—but most impressive of all—several mailboxes lying down—even the ones with concrete overshoes. That was a first.

The scent of a wet, freshly washed desert was ambrosia to our noses, and last night we had another smaller storm with just a little rain, but higher probs for showers are in the coming days.

In these parts, people LOVE this time of year as the spectacular storms, cooler temps and surface water flooding roads presents a welcome respite from the nine months of mostly clear skies and warm temperatures we can count on with tedious regularlity.

What was different about my reality was at work. I was most amused when management insisted we all view a ten minute video on “active shooters” and “hostage situations”. My awake friend and I rolled our eyes at the “be afraid; be very afraid” tactics of the establishment.

I appreciate my employer for trying to do the right thing in advising staff how to protect themselves and be on the watch for potentially dangerous situations. They don’t get it. They don’t understand that it’s the pseudo-government that are the terrorists and perpetrate these false flag, fake, staged shootings.

In light of these initiatives to spread fear in America, I find it impossible to believe the cabal’s minions remaining on the planet are stepping down so any news to that effect will be thoroughly and promptly pooh-pooh’d.

While chemtrails have all but stopped, I’ll believe it when I see a stop to all this nonsense to attempt to create a reality that doesn’t exist. It must suck to be them.

In the mean time, we plod along into the seventh month of 2016, elevating the vibration of Gaia and her denizens as best we can.

Before I sign off I wanted to ask that anyone feeling guided to do so, please keep a place in your thoughts for Dani Arnold-McKenny (of Removing the Shackles and other initatives) and her family this afternoon as they will be contesting the Australian establishment’s efforts to boot them out of the country over ridiculous red tape and a comedy of errors. (The government’s)

It won’t be funny, however, if they have to expend yet more cash or actually have to leave. They’ve been through so much these past few years. I believe we can use our positive intentions to free them to live where they choose with no further issues. I wish them all clear sailing hereon.

Thank you. Captain out. (Not that I’m YOUR captain—but I am the captain of my journey on Starship Earth as we near our destination, HOME.

In that vein, you may want to check out a post at Deus Nexus for today. It felt good. Click the title to reach the blog post.  ~ BP

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