LANDA GLOBAL General MILESTONES GCR / RV UPDATES… TRN WILL BE MOVING NEXT WEEK!!! Major Change’s is COMING.. Get-READY. …♥♥♥…..~30th April 2015~

April 30, 2015

gods reset on

Boom ♡ Ka-Boom …..MayDay-MayDay!! Confirmations coming in at this moment that the Admiral had finally done his part and the arrests have been completed. The GCR is now commencing as I write this…Further Just go thru the Landa CC – MP3 file for details the Audio says  over 40 bankers were arrested last week – also many arrests in the Chinese families (imposters).THEY SAY IRAQ will make a MAJOR announcement in the MIDDLE of MAY!!! …They also said the TRN or TTN are still NOT GOLD BACKED……That will be getting a NEW currency in the United States to replace the TRNS…. Said the United States has already joined the AIIB Bank at the last hour. Said the next two weeks big movements will be made in GCR…… ✣…”♥ ♥Lao Tzu Said If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.”. .. .” .. ✣ …♥

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Who is this group?

The 144 is an internal Humanus Group of Governors comprised of 144 women that will guide the disbursement of Humanus funds to the appropriate Projects.Enlightened, wise, and compassionate, these women will make a very significant difference in the choice of Projects for the benefit of our Humanity.The 144 will convene on a weekly basis by teleconference and similar means, as well as physical meetings.Recommendations to fund Projects will be detailed in these meetings, and a certain amount of oversight duties will be performed by the 144 as well.
We invite all to submit their application to the 144, but in view of the current progression to fulfilling the requirement, we expect such submissions to be mostly by word of mouth as this is a Lightworker gathering of like minded souls that are gravitating to this Work for the benefit of our Humanity.


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Landa Global has been hosting a dial-in conference to inform holders of assets and intermediaries of the current status of the historic bond redemptions, and general information in respect of procedures and pricings of assets.

To access the weekly conference, please observe the following information: 

Date:   Each Wednesday
Time:  3:00 p.m. Mountain time (MST)
           5:00 p.m. Eastern (EST)
           4:00 p.m. Central (CST)
           2:00 p.m. Pacific (PST)

Conference line:  (559) 546-1000
Access Code:      1013931#

The complete past recordings of all conference calls  in mp3 format files are posted below for easy access after the conference.

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Below are links to the previous conference calls. Once the link is clicked on, a new window will open with a player. Controls allow for playback functions with a slider to access times within the recording.


April 29, 2015 – Project Timeline and Schedules

The following is being transcribed from a Landa call taking place now! Wow!!



40 bankers arrested last week; it’s the final cleanup

90 fake elders before funds can move around the world cabal being taken out

Divine Plan unfolding

The real Chinese family have to keep it secret now we’re to see “for the benefit of humanity”

* 80% of Thrive Movement is solid

* seats of New Republic being filled as we speak

military has to support the Constitution

* all big $ programs have to roll out at the same time so no country gets left behind; in otherwords, it would be lopsided if done any other way

 * Chinese family under contract to be guardian of the peoples’ $ the Ch cabal separate…

Royal family now working with gov ; AIIB

USA joined AIIB at the last min

commerce being conducted with AIIB

US at v deep levels still has bad roots

Rothschilds writing on wall a long time ago; their folders were confiscated; the power backing them is gone in one day……seeing the last of the delays

Q: * Iraq RV; play into bonds & PPs?

A: RV has to be in place before major $ movement around the world joined at the hip…Still remnants fighting tooth & nail, but majority are gone

 Q:* When New Republic activated?

A: Today, tomorrow, a month? dunno; seats since 1909 being filled with new governors & senators.

Q: * J Helm: hear 2 sides; and big pharma prob; address plz

A: Jade Helm…1) prelude to lockdown: martial law 2) there to enforce New Republic heard both too; how protect country during a changeover; so JHelm may be united; don’t know yet

Q: – Caller: if US Rep is to announce Disclosure>peo afraid>banks close
plz share if you can when you know the answer

A: Veterans Truth Radio VTN CIA ofcrs put up what they’re doing to help….Rockefeller part of those that jumped ship

US military around since the beginning; upkeep of Constitution; protect peo & country; they will protect new rep since that is the orginal constitution

Nat’l Guard on board too Landa here to help humanity

Q: – IRS?

A: collection arm for the Fed Reserve


it’s being cleaned up…

UST is to become the real UST very soon

Q: – tax

A: push to restore Republic; whether taxing situation or not; prior to 1913, income tax didn’t exist….illegal to tax income

US Corp: a lot is done by consent; people  need to be educated; choice in free republic & do homework

when you engage in contract … they obfuscate the real purpose…turn ur life over to them…

Q: * how to stop genocide from the pharma…

A: We’ll be coming out in another direction that will eliminate disease LG will support foods that do this

Q: Caller: bonds US held up? last week? and TRN need to be in place for RV?

A: LG: can be held off; there’s another solution there we are processing now ….so we’re just starting

Q: Caller: re: w/in 2 wks, good disclosure on things; US jurisdiction…., D.C. PR and they can opt out beccuz ur a non resident

A: LG: Big Pharma has done a lot of good for humanity; so mish mash of good/bad stuff


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