KP: Okay… I Just Signed Up for GaiamTV so I could Watch “Cosmic Disclosure”…

cosmic_disclosure_gaiam_other_logo_1…and so I wanted to share my experience, and suggestions.

Here’s a few points I discovered.

  • If you use the link that Corey gave ( you still get the offer of the first month for $0.99.
  • After that it becomes $9.99 per month. You can save 20% if you pay for a full year.
  • Credit card or PayPal may be used for payment.
  • I found the “Standard” player was too choppy, so if this happens to you, go to account settings and change to the “Legacy” player (now the viewing on my computer is smooth and chop-free).
  • If one views these particular episodes “in the Raw” (without clothes), you very likely will receive a personal visit from Raw Tear Eir (the Blue Avian Corey has worked with) asking you to put your clothes back on. This depends on your body type, and what type of feathers you have. [hahaha]

Disclosure Data from Cosmic Disclosure (Corey) 7-21-15… “What a Blue Avian Looks Like”

by kauilapele

Depiction of a Blue Avian by Android Jones, as directed by Corey (click to enlarge a bit)

Depiction of a Blue Avian by Android Jones, as directed by Corey (click to enlarge a bit)

This was just too beautifully created to not post. This is a screen capture from the first hour of Cosmic Disclosure, and was created by digital artist Android Jones, in collaboration with Corey.

All I can say is (besides “Thank you Corey, David, and Android for this image!”), “This is not like any “bird being” I’ve ever seen!!


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