Kp Message 6-17-17… “Seems like there’s a Grand Exposure of the “Crappifiers” going on right now”

So first off, I’m not posting a lot of things happening with the Corey Goode, etc., business, but I am going to put a few links below for those who wish to can check out. Here they are:

Sphere Being Alliance FB post, June 15 at 4:25am
Sphere Being Alliance FB post, June 16
New link to support Corey and family:

Now that is all I’m posting about that.

Along with that, I am occasionally being informed that there are a few others who are out there (apparently) trying to cast mud all around the Disclosure-Ascension-Lightworker type community. Well, so be it. What does that have to do with how I’ll be with it all?


I’m going to BE the same as I have always been with this. I use my own Higher Discernment in all matters. And basically I do not play in (or pay attention to) the mud realms, or the mud throwers.

My suggestion: remove oneself from the arenas of mud. Take a shower, jump in the ocean, and step into the Light. [exactly]

That’s all for now, really.

Aloha, Kp


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