Kp Message 3-6-17… “Why am I not concerned?”

There’s so much going on these days (and moments), and when I actually read some of the articles, comments, videos, etc., etc., etc., out there, it seems that many are presenting an energy that says something like, “Well it may seem calm today, but chaos is right around the corner, and the cabal is about to be overthrown, and it’s going to get ugly, and you’d better get [gold, silver, Bitcoin, prepper supplies for one year, guns, roses, Jesus, Buddha (choose one or more)]”. So what’s all that about?

Well, I’ll tell you all what it’s about, from my point of view… it’s about “Fear”… capital “F”.

I like to keep it simple. Yes, I’m ready for a few days, weeks, without the standard water-electricity-etc. deal if need be, but it’s not really a major “fear containing” (or “fear directed”) effort of any kind. There’s a lot of companies, bloggers, news type sites (InfoWars, anyone?) that offer lots of different products, and may sometimes present them like there’s always something hidden to “be afraid of” (or “be prepared for”… same thing).

All I can say is, I’m not concerned. And I will not live in any kind of “fear” type environment, internally, about anything. I am not concerned.

Living the path of Ascension, for myself at least, means allowing my Spirit to continually awaken to parts of self that are best released (let go of), and embracing newer parts (aspects) that are asking to come out. To me, that’s expansion. That’s “Heaven”. And I am always willing to have a “coming out” party!!

This is not a “heavy” journey. If we are following our Higher Guidance path, it will be an expanding, joyful, ever-increasing-in-frequency vibratory experience of Light. And we always have help along the way.

Not sure if this “hits” anyone’s Higher Points. But it did “hit” mine.

Much Aloha to all, Kp

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