Kp Message 3-21-16… “Solar Plexus Nexus Energies” (can be a “pain in the plexus” (dammit!))

150731_kp_mauna_kea_sun_P1010142_crop_150_51So there’s this thing going on with my solar plexus. And it’s been happening since about 2 AM. It’s like this tightness sort of nervy centered thing that has felt like a “nerve-knot” at times, but then calms down, then picks up again.

I’ve contacted a couple other energetic-worker-types, and at leastone has been going through a similar thing.

From my Inner view, I’ve seen this as a human-collective kind of thing. The human-collective is finally having to face and transmute all of the hidden dark things that they have kept in the dark for so long. And who knows how long “long” is.

As we see people like “the Trump”, “the Religious type ‘perfect’ white guy(s)”, and their respective crowds of “We’re right and everyone else is wrong” humans (lower case “h”), all the hidden “crap” that’s been hidden deep within the collective human consciousness, is churning around and coming up, ready for “release” (whatever that means).

I do believe that this is why many of us are here at this time, on this planet, inside the human collective “‘dark crap’ consciousness” but not a part of it. We are here to assist in the releasing of it. Each of us has their own role, each has their own “technique”, some might be in the emotional realm, some in the mental, some are doing this in the 3D physical body realm (I guess that might be mine), and who knows what else is going on in those “mysterious” Higher Realms (vibrations, densities, etc.).

And Holy Crap, it seems to be coming out right now at Kona Coffee and Tea…!

That may be the signal that we’ve done our “jobs” (at Kona Coffee and Tea, at least). And it’s definitely my signal to “Get the H outta here!!”

Aloha, KP

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