Kp Message 3-20-15… “So what’s up with all this ‘Supermoon’, ‘Solar Eclipse’, and now this ‘Equinox’ Thing?”

140411_kp_mauna_kea_P1010046_150_53…and don’t forget to add, “Some kind of astrological Uranus-Pluto-something or other square, triangle, or ‘pick a multigon, any multigon’”…

“The Energies have been pretty intense, active, uprooting, awakening, apocalypsing (unveiling), and all of that. I’ve been getting reports from a few that many “stuffs” are “happening” with many people. It seems sometimes it’s for healing, sometimes it’s trying to wake them from their sleep, sometimes it’s trying to yell out the message, “Stop holding on to your old paradigms and get off your comfortable metaphysical ass, please!!!” Perhaps a most appropriate slogan would be,

“Release the past and get off your ass…”

Now my challenge is that much of my “work” is done by “sitting on my ass” (in a comfortable swivel-y office chair that goes up and down), so for bloggers, change the “off” to “on”, in that slogan.

The bottom line from a lot of my experiences, and now from reading the GoodETxSG forum posts, it is so very clear that it is so very important to release any and all operational/living/thinking/BEing paradigms of the past… meaning “anything prior to this precise now moment”.

Be flexible, and flow with those incoming Energies.

And let go of all those guru” paradigms. Here’s a couple I’ve experienced:

  • The Galactics will save me.
  • The Galactics will do it all for me.
  • David Wilcock/Ben Fulford/SaLuSa/Sheldan Nidle/Poof/ZAP/GoodETxSG will tell me what to do/think/be…
  • David Wilcock/Ben Fulford/SaLuSa/Sheldan Nidle/Poof/ZAP/GoodETxSG will tell me everything I need to know.
  • The RV.
  • Drinking a mocha will solve all my challenges.
  • Take Guru X’s class/seminar/conference for $5,000, smoke pakalolo (marijuana), and drink ayahuasca and I’ll be ready to ascend.
  • ANYTHING involving a date/time.
  • ANYTHING involving a blogger.

Here’s a couple of posts that appeared on some blog that talks about de-guruizing: Post 1,Post 2, Post 3.

So I’ve gone through this whole thing and absolutely not answered the question up there in the title.

I’ve done my job.

Aloha, Kp

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