Kp Message 3-14-15… “I was going to do a show, but something Wanted me to Write this one”

I agree – feeling the same here.

140411_kp_mauna_kea_P1010046_150_52…and I have no idea why. So that’s not the biggest of “deals”, but sometimes an expression seems to want to “express” through me and my fingers here.

A lot of the articles I’m putting up here these days are “apocalypse” (unveiling), or “exposure” types. “So and so is doing so and so, so this and this and that and that.”

Does it all really lead to anything? Perhaps. But I am finding these days that I must be very aware of how I utilize my Energies, and what are they to be “applied” to.

At the foundation, I am an Energy Coordinator. An Energy Director. I get what to do, where to go, and then go do it. Then I go back, lie down, sleep for a day, and often have no idea what I did (or was done through me).

My interactions these days are with an amazingly diverse group of beings, from Lightworkers, Energy movers, Galactic connectors, Disclosers (like David W., Ben F.), and those VT guys. Some of that is pretty sticky material, as they are often bringing out “this was done, this way, by these people, and here’s the data we have.” And it’s all about the kind of grand “take down” of those old paradigm people. And that stuff seems pretty dark sometimes.

Where all this is going, we shall see. But I am realizing that how I utilize and direct myown energies is at the forefront right now. I’m being conscious, at this precise moment, to envision myself in the Light, sometimes white, sometimes shimmering blue, as kind of a Light of Protection and Guidance (and who the hell knows what else).

I’m sure in a day or two, we’ll have the Event, the Global Reset, the RV, the mass arrests, Galactic ships in the skies, and a Stargate on every corner.

Tomorrow (oops, today) feels like an important date number. 3-14-15 (3-4-5). And so I may or may not be around much. We’ll see.

Aloha to all, Kp

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