KP Message 2-15-16… “A ‘Letting Go’ Kind of Post”

Exactly :-)

150731_kp_mauna_kea_sun_P1010142_crop_150_2Much of today I’ve felt energetically pulled to the floor. After two hours of “being up”, my body felt like it had to fall on the floor and sleep again. So I did.

I’ll say “the energies are intense”, without knowing exactly where it all comes from. Or how they are working, both for this planet, and for me.

Seems like a good portion of these messages are about “intense energies”. And there are times when I feel I just want to stop all of this, and get off the ascension ride. Or at least the “blogging stuff every day” ride.

And then there’s the Kingdom of Hawai’i thing. Let’s look at that… I’ve felt sometimes like it all depends on me. And what I do with it. But I know that’s way off. There’s a group here now who are simply taking matters in their own hands and BEing the Kingdom of Hawai’i, living Aloha `Āina, and that’s what they’re here to do.

And that’s all the same with this Earth Ascension thing. It’s not a me thing. It’s a planetary and Cosmic thing.

I always have the option and freedom of choice to just let go of all of it, and disappear. And just be what I really want to be… whatever that is.

All through this “Kp blogging period”, from November, 2010, until now, it’s been a journey of letting go. Letting go of the desire for money, stuff, fame, blog hits, and anything like that. And letting go the idea that anyone else’s “ascension” or “Inner growth” depends on me. Or that the “return of the Kingdom of Hawai’i” (or the Kingdom of God) depends solely on me.

So I guess this is another “letting go”… of something. And all will still move as it needs to… no matter what I do.

Aloha KP

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