Kp Message 12-27-15… “How this Blog ‘Generates Itself’”

The same here :-)

151225_Kp_Kilauea_IMG_0620_240_1This blog (kind of) “writes itself”. Which is “kind of” not exactly correct, but I do not (as much as I feel possible) force anything to come out. Whatever presents itself to me to come out, I let it out.

I do not have any “sense of obligation”, to anyone or anything or any group, to “blog about this”, or “blog about that”. I just sense the energies from my own individual point of consciousness, and go with thatflow of the energies… one day at a time, one moment at a time.

Some days, particularly today, it feels like everything “blogging”-wise just wants to STOP. I feel NO strong desire to post anything; although somehow, some way, one or two posts still manage to “squeeze themselves out”… in spite of my “not desiring to post anything“.

Sometimes I’m even amazed the “Kp Nlogging” thing is still going on. And that people still seem to read this thing… the Kp Blog.

Bottom line, I will do what the “Passion of the Innards” calls me to do.

I will not pretend to be a “perfect blogger”, or that I have to blog about anything and everything under the “Light Worker” sun, or like posting what I do not like to post (one moment at a time). Or even pretend I am “a blogger”.

I do not follow any “blogging rules”.

Bottom line, I am a pisser. A blogging pisser (where a “pisser” (I suppose) is someone who does not follow “the rules”). So like it or not, like the posts I put up here or not, or don’tput up here or not, one moment at a time (or not), I guess that all I can say in this moment is,

“Mahalo for reading this blog”,

From a “Blogging Pisser of Light”…

Aloha Kp

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