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veterans_today_banner_NEW_120I’m just posting the titles, links, and couple highlights from each. As I’ve seen all of this, it is a part of the strong disinfo campaign that is currently going on all over the planet (like GoodETxSG has announced).

Please see the note by James Fetzer’s article about the “auto-play” that comes on when the page is opened.

Veterans Today 5-6-15: Jade Helm: From PsyOp to MindWar

“Every day that Obama & Co. don’t declare U.S. Martial Law, Jade Helmsters dig selves a deeper hole. Round & round they spin. On proof-free, fact-free & source-challenged hamster-like wheels, powering public-perception shovels that bury them. No Red Queen[1] needed, except to show dots & where to dig.

“After Alex Jones wound up The Right, The Left & Alt. Media into a feeding frenzy about Jade Helm (ridiculed in mainstream media[24], for what that’s worth), other Jade Helmsters are now stepping into the hunting blind with the already blinded leading the even blinder by connecting irrelevant & nonexistent “dots” supposedly about Jade Helm. Blind & Blinder.

“If/Since we at VT are correct, then you may finally be seeing the depths of the PsyOp abyss at the edge of which you & we are standing. And the hoax, data tools & MindWar.”

Veterans Today, Gordon Duff: Jade Helm Report: Secret Military Base Found Outside Waco (I believe this is ever so slightly satirical)

“According to classified sources (Wikipedia), over 88,000 troops of the murderous Obama/Soros regime have moved into Texas in recent days. Bloodthirsty murderers and rapists repatriated after their killing sprees in Iraq and Afghanistan have been brought into a secret base a few miles outside Waco…

“Auschwitz Texas,” AKA “Fort Sam Houston” was established in the 1970s and, just as most Texans fear, stands ready to vaccinate, operate and cure hundreds of thousands of unwitting (is there any other kind) Texans.

“Thus far, no Texan has yet realized that over 200,000 troops have been stationed in Texas since the end of World War II.”

Jim Fetzer 4-30-15: Gordon Duff: Covering for JADE HELM and the Boston bombing [CAUTION: when you click that link, immediately you will be greeted by an “Autoplay”, so click the pause button on the little player in upper right of page to stop it (clearly, I am NOT a fan of sites that do this… I find it very intrusive to my “internet space”).]

“After doing my own research, I published an article about it, “JADE HELM is NOT a ‘normal training drill’”, where I was not surprised that he added another “Editor’s Note”–this time twice as long and even more venomous–trashing my article, too. After it received 600 reads in the first hour (which hinted it would become #1), he took it down. The next day, he tossed me out of Veterans Today.

“Since I have now asked Gordon Duff a half-dozen times about “Faking the Boston bombing: How it was done”, and had no reply, I am convinced he is responsible, which means he is not only covering for JADE HELM but also for the Boston bombing. This man appears to me to embody corruption. The day before he sacked me from Veterans Today, by coincidence, I did a “False Flag Weekly News” about JADE HELM, which includes around 20 reference that anyone can verify for themselves:”

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