Positive Thoughts: Know that the physical death process is an illusion…

outer-space-wallpaper-outer-space-stars-galaxies-planets-fresh-new-plane-picture-space-background1.jpgLe’Vell Zimmerman 1:15am Jun 7

Know that the physical death process is an illusion of this dimension, where in truth all souls are eternal in nature and will continue to experience reincarnation cycles until elevated beyond such an experience through ones own free will.

This elevation takes place in recognizing the patterns of your manifestations, in then seeing that your energetic presence is the source of the reality you experience as the Creator.

It takes many lifetimes to reach a point where a soul is presented with the opportunity to ascend beyond physical death, which is achieved through the release of all thought patterns into an intuitive presence of perfection.

What is taking place of Planet Earth at this time is such a gateway, where the conclusion of many cycles of illusion are ending with the shift of this dimension into a higher frequency existence that is no longer conducive to the low frequencies of thought.

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