Kevin Barrett VT 1-2-15… “Air Asia jet “thrust down by giant hand” …of Zionism?”

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veterans_today_banner_NEW_14veterans_today_kevin_barrett_banner_14This tongue in cheek expose of what “might be” happening with the 3 Malaysian airlines jet being shot down in 2014 is, very likely, very right on the mark.


Air Asia jet “thrust down by giant hand” …of Zionism?

Malaysian airliners are falling as if thrust by a giant hand

"Fasten your seat belts, Zionist turbulence ahead"

Jim Fetzer and I covered “Malaysian tribunal finds Israel guilty of genocide,  three Malaysian planes fall from the sky” during our “Biggest False Flag Stories of 2014″ wrap-up on False Flag Weekly News:

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor
Malaysia is a nation of moderate size. It is the sixty-eighth largest country in geographical area and ranks forty-fourth in population.

What are the odds that three of its passenger airliners would fall out of the sky – all under mysterious, even bizarre circumstances – in one year?

If you don’t see anything suspicious in what happened to Malaysian Flight 370, Malaysian Flight 17, and Air Asia QZ8501 in 2014, you must be a coincidence theorist. Such people, psychologists are discovering, have serious issues engaging with reality. (For details, read my latest Press TV article “Are People Who Hate Conspiracy Theories Crazy?“)

MH370, you recall, flat-out disappeared without a trace last March. Such things are simply not possible given today’s satellite surveillance systems. Yet the corporate media has just let it go, instead of calling the official liars on their lies.

MH17 was shot down on 7/17 – the sort of numerological signature some people attribute to illuminati psychopaths, but let’s not get into that. The MH17 shootdown appears to have been a false-flag operation by the Ukrainian military, whose bosses are Zionist billionaires. The obvious motive was to demonize Putin – or possibly even assassinate him. As in the case of MH370, big media has parroted Western government lies about the event.

Now Air Asia QZ8501 has supposedly “crashed due to bad weather.” Unlike the Sen. Paul Wellstone plane crash, where the controlled corporate media invented a lie about bad weather when in fact the weather was fine, the Air Asia crash actually did happen in proximity to a storm.

But what are the odds that, of all of the world’s airliners, another MALAYSIAN one would be the only one allegedly brought down by a storm? Bad weather, by itself, virtually never causes large airliner crashes.

And this storm, we are told, did things that storms have never before been known to do. According to the Daily Mail’s story Stricken AirAsia plane soared ‘as fast as a fighter jet’ and then dropped almost vertically into Java Sea as if being thrust down by a giant hand,  crash experts revealed today:

“The plane behaved in ways ‘bordering on the edge of logic, ’ Indonesian aviation analyst Gerry Soejatman said after examining figures leaked from the official air crash investigation team.”

According to Indonesian aviation sources, Air Asia QZ8501 climbed at a rate of up to 9,000 feet per minute, then descended virtually straight down with bursts up to 24,000 feet per minute before slamming into the ocean.

Meanwhile another Indonesian expert tells us that the plane managed a soft “emergency landing”!

“Mr Sudibyo said that emergency locator transmitters on board the aircraft would be set to go off after automatically after a heavy impact. Because these is no evidence these devices triggered,  he claims,  the pane (sic) must have landed safely.”

Let me get this straight: The plane soared upward at fighter jet speed, then turned straight downward and plunged vertically into the ocean…somehow managing a soft vertical landing! As the pointy-eared logician Mr. Spock used to say, this does not compute.

As I write this, those of us without access to inside information have no way of knowing what really happened to Air Asia QZ8501. But we are justified in wondering whether the three Malaysian airliners annihilated under suspicious circumstances in 2014 were thrust down by the the giant hand of Zionism.

In late 2013, the Kuala Lumpur Tribunal, located in the capital of Malaysia, found Israel guilty of genocide. A few months later, one Malaysian airliner mysteriously fell out of the sky. A few months after that, a second one followed. And a few more months later, a third.

Israel has a track record of not getting mad, but getting even. In summer 2011, the Norwegian AUF (the Labor Party’s youth movement) was poised to have Norway’s government impose a complete unilateral economic embargo on Israel. This would have been an even bigger anti-Zionist breakthrough than the Kuala Lumpur Tribunal’s genocide prosecution of Israel in November 2013.

Norway’s anti-Israel embargo never materialized. The project was pre-empted when the entire leadership of the AUF was slaughtered, allegedly by lone Zionist nut Anders Breivik.

Zionist-controlled Wikipedia opens its “2011 Norway attacks” entry as follows:

“The 2011 Norway attacks were two sequential lone wolf terrorist attacks against the government,  the civilian population,  and a Workers’ Youth League (AUF)-run summer camp in the Oslo region on 22 July 2011,  claiming a total of 77 lives.”

All those elevens, like those in 9/11, 11/22, and so on, are probably just a coincidence.

That Norway massacre of 11/22/11 that claimed 77 lives has been definitively pinned on Israel.

See: Norway Stood,  Israel Murdered their Kids

Are Malaysians – like Norwegians – being punished for the crime of seeking justice for the Palestinians? Are the Zionist thugs sending a message: “This is what happens to any country that dares challenge us?”

Assuming this to be the case, isn’t it long past time that all nations victimized by Zionist terrorism…including the USA, which lost 34 sailors in Israel’s deliberate attack on the USS Liberty, and nearly 3,000 people in Israel’s equally deliberate attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon…rise up and put the Zionist entity out of business?

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