The JUDAS CONSPIRACY: the TV series no other broadcaster had the courage to show!

More “human garbage” exposed. Like I said, we have to face it and expose them for what they are. I do not like to post this type of stuff (it makes me sick), but we need to expose them.

The RUSSIAN REVOLUTION was organised by Jewish Bankers in New York City!

The JUDAS CONSPIRACY: the TV series no other broadcaster had the courage to show!

Hello, Did you know that Communist China and the Bolshevik Revolution was controlled by Jewish Bankers in the Lower East-Side of Manhattan?
Did you know that LEON TROTSKY lived in New York City and was chauffeur driven in a limousine?
NOAM CHOMSKY, ANTHONY HILDER, CHRIS EVERARD, DAVID DUKE, BROTHER NATHANIEL and many top authors are featured in a funny, weird and stragely true series of TV Specials exposing who the bosses of the NEW WORLD ORDER really are!
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Nuclear Missile technology was given to Russia by the American Government!
60 million people KILLED by a bunch of JEWISH BANKERS…!

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, in his book “The Gulag Archipelago”, estimated that in labour camps (the “Gulags”) alone in the USSR about 60 million people were killed between the beginning of the “Revolution” in 1917 and 1956!  The Revolution was actually stage-managed by bankers in the Big Apple!

Basically, the whole Communist Chinese regime is based on a set of principles devised by Jewish killers and intellectuals in Europe and Russia. ‘Communism’ is not about sharing resources – it’s about putting resources under central control; the two things are very different. A good example is one of the most prominent jewish Communists, a killer called Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich who was the jewish brother-in-law of Stalin.  Joseph Stalin’s brother-in-law was Jewish and claimed “One death is a tragedy, one million deaths is astatistic.” 

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