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Issue #28  October 21, 2017
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Sometimes when I go out in public I dress down intentionally to avoid suspicion.  Ball cap, jeans, tennis shoes.Call me paranoid, but I feel like the more impressive I look, the more eyes that are attracted to me.


Which is not what I want.  Nor ever will.


When people ask me what it is that I do, like you, the words don’t always come out right.  They either get really curious or become puzzled by my answers.


The last post “Othello” was a similar event for me in that this digital blogging community doesn’t always kick up on my nuances.


My words just don’t lay down right.  So now Yo-Yo fans are either curious or confused.


Before I answer to this more in-depth, I want to re-invite everyone to become a subscriber of


The reasons are many, but most don’t yet know how much value is really there post RV.  Which is fine, but as hold back because few would believe it even if I told you in person.


Just know our intent is pure.


We aspire to get as much mercy out to as many human beings as humanly possible, anywhere in the world as to return their dignity long term after first restoring their lingering debt balances short term.


Not complicated.  Not easy.  Very rewarding work.  Sobeit.


However, know that come 2018 new subscribers will all be looking at $10,000 just to be involved in HAS project funding.  And no hardships.  Post RV someone must sponsor new Human Angels at full fright and then be responsible for them through out the process.


So just from a cost perspective, there’s motivation to subscribe now before that decision takes hold.


However from a spiritual value POV as it relates to giving this blessing to others, it’s wise to consider upgrading your subscriptions and or buying a second subscription for a family member as a gift for the upcoming holiday season.


You’re not just investing in hope, you’re guaranteeing them a future of economic self determination should they rise up and declare themselves as sovereign.


Now back to the Othello post…


There are 3 Trumps.


All serve different purposes to the areoubkic who control all three.  Two are clones used to push and pull the cabal globally.  And one is human who signs are the executive orders, but is not actually Trump himself, nor a clone of Trump.  He’s a look a like… and a very well known fellow at that.


Remember when Hillary Clinton fell ill at the 9/11 ceremony circa 2016?



That was a clone of Hillary being turned off in public view with a highly advanced vibrational weapon.


This was done to expose the Clinton cloning program, that long replicated updated clone versions of both Bill and Hillary.  As both are long deceased.


Cloning well known international leaders has been going on in earnest by the cabal, and in full public view mind you, since Jimmy Carter.


And if you’ll recall, shortly there after Hillary’s collapse we magically saw a refreshed Hillary Clinton come out of a near by NYC apartment.


But that was a well known Hillary impersonator who is kept in the wings at all times and follows the Clinton’s around everywhere for emergencies just like these.


Trump had a similar moment in Reno if you’ll recall in November 2016.  But Trump returned to the stage amid cheers after the seven-minute break and continued his campaign.
What was the difference?The cabal was banking on Hillary the clone and impersonator.


The Republic, Chinese and Russians were banking on Trump the clones and also an  impersonator.


But neither candidate technically was organically human as a result.


That’s how f’d up our society is here in the USA.  Presidential candidates are all fake and their clones are used as puppets to keep us enslaved.


At least that’s how it worked in the past.


Now, there’s a plan to not only change the American voting system, but do so at the genetic qualification level meaning each individual candidate must prove their human origins via a blood and DNA test.




Because our entire government at the highest levels of all major posts and positions… are not manned by organic human beings.


That includes members of the military, media, corporate boards, religions and even celebrities.


Tough pill to swallow, but it’s time we all grew up and dealt with reality versus playing out their intricate fantasy where we are neither Sovereign beings or divine children of a loving God, but rather their reincarnated slaves.


Mining means mine.  And these foreign or extra terrestrial beings have mined our souls, backs and genetics for 13 millennia.


And would have for another era had not heaven reversed our curse.


This is why there’s sooooooo much insanity in the world today.  And also why the benevolent forces had to go t such extreme lengths of fooling the cabal with the Trump character in order to draw out all the remaining alien lizards from their human skins.


These Draco Reptilians come from a place where three planets or systems unite: Draconia, Sirus, and Orion.  It forms a triangle in deep space.  And thus the reason why you see triangles everywhere.


And I mean everywhere on tv, film, commercials, corporate brands and clothing.


Ironically, they we’re all genetically manipulated / created by a higher mind species known as the Annunanki, just like human beings, who biblically were known as the original Men of Renown.


The changes to DNA structure in al species was demoted with Rh-Negative blood among other non human traits.


In 1996, Heaven forced the Annunaki to leave the earth and the Draco, Reptilian, Greys and Nordics were left to keep things running.


In 2001 they attempted to revel yet again against heaven with the 9/11 attacks.  It was not an radical Islamic terrorist act.  It was a alien attack to remain in control of the affairs, natural and human resources of Earth they had grown so comfortably accustomed to mining.


We’ve been fighting back ever since.  Primarily in Asia, but also in Africa along with India and Russia’s military and energy assistance.


And this is where we find ourselves today, at the end is a very long, very bloody, very violent period in human history where we have fought to regain our sovereignty over a foreign body that desires us to remain their slaves.


This is why there needs to be 3 Trumps, as confusion during warfare serves as a wonderful meaningless decoy when you’re accomplishing the restoration of a species.


The Trump character may not be subtle, but it’s tremendously effective for both instigating change (while pinning all social unrest to a disposable public figure) and also confusing the enemy who does not know which of the three Trump sauces they will be getting… mild, hot or en fuego… on any given day or tweet.


Not sadly neither do we.


Just take comfort in knowing this one fact… rooting for Trump is like rooting for yourself.  Pains me to say it.  But it’s true.


Trump is the key to the RV.


Not because Trump is a reasonable public leader, oh hell no, but because those controlling the RV and fate of our nation are benevolently using his orange image as temporary military asset that allow us collectively to achieve our greatest good objective… sovereign redemptions.


Hope this extended explanation helps in your own clarity of what’s really going on.  My apologies for confusing many of you.


Also know that off redemption centers will become post RV/ZIM wealth management offices FYI.  And soon.


So have unbreakable faith because the RV is 100% real.  And long been waiting on your doorstep.  Trust hat soon someone will indeed ring our bell and inform us the blessing has begun.


And this is precisely why you need to subscribe to HAS — ASAP!  Once it arrives we will change our policies to service on the early adapters and their recommendations.  New subscribers without an existing Human Angel recommendation will not

Be allowed into the project / compliance portal.


As only HAS is right now prepared and dedicated to servicing your friends, family, cities and country… so each of you can take some time to figure out exactly what you want to do with your new infinite wealth.


God is with us

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