Joint Cobra and Corey Goode Interview by Rob Potter Part 1: Unity For Disclosure, Disclosure Day in July, Spheres Confirmed, Catalyzing Event Needed, and more

The below earth “guys” have divergences, and take their sweet time to “walk around” (see the cabal above the surface doing the same – not much difference here).


COBRA – The situation underground is very dynamic and is changing all the time, but I would say I am in contact with certain of the factions, not with all of the factions and apparently there are more different factions down there than we all know.

But the RM for example has never claimed they are representing themselves as Pleiadians to any part of the surface population claims that they could be worshiped, neither any other factions that I know of that form the global Agarthan network or the Eastern Agarthan factions.

Currently there is process of unification taking place. There is a lot of contact a lot of negotiation between various factions and a lot of mistrust. Part of this mistrust comes from manipulation of the Chimera group of one of the factions against the others and cooperation between the Chimera group and the various subterranean Draco factions coming from 1930’s and 1940’s and the Nazi groups on the surface.

So there is a lot of mistrust created at that time and a lot of healing still needs to happen. Also I would say mostly the Eastern Agarthan factions have a similar perspective than the surface population Eastern philosophies would have had on life. And this is quite much different than what the western people have. Western idea of life.
So what is happening on the surface is actually a reflection of what is happening below ground.

There has been communication established between those various groups and the healing is taking place. But again this takes time.

This is slow because they have millennia upon millennia of history to be solved, resolved and healed. So, but I can say from my perspective I have never heard of a group that belongs to a sub-surface faction that claims to be either Pleiadian or Savior Gods or anything of that nature.

Update – The audio file of this interview has been added below.

The following is part one of an interview with Rob Potter, Corey Goode, and COBRA. This was discussed several months ago and finally came together recently, care of those involved.

What is encouraging about the interview is the theme of unity and cooperation. One of the questions in particular asked by Potter was centered on the fans or followers of these two figures.

The tendency for groups associated with certain personalities is to not cooperate if there is any impression, on the part of their followers that their respective figureheads are not in agreement.

In the past, Goode and COBRA have had some differences of opinion as well as conflicting aspects of their testimony. But more importantly, their intention and goals are in agreement. While there may be some minor discrepancies in each of their narratives the common threads that unite them in cooperation are freedom for the people and full disclosure, amongst other things.

Both COBRA and Goode have discussed in their work the importance of individual and collective healing. For example, part of COBRA’s work has been focused on the gathering of people for global synchronized meditations, focused on peace, restoration of life and bringing about beneficial changes. Goode’s work touches on a similar theme, articulated as the Sphere Being Alliance message to humanity, of raising our vibrations and becoming the change we wish to see in the world.

In the interview, both of them state that there isn’t any valid reason for their respective followers not to work together or find common ground in this high goal of freedom and disclosure.

As they have both discussed before, the Cabal is a loose group of criminals that see the value in working together to achieve their mutual goals. But within the fabric of the overarching organization, diversity exists.

The unity we need as a community is similarly diverse. It is unrealistic to suppose everyone must agree on every point before we can move forward as a people on the bigger issues. If the Cabal can unite to achieve their ends, surely we can do the same.

And we have love, compassion, and goodness on our side, which are much better tools for cultivating cooperation than what the Cabal’s methods of fear and intimidation.

In the interview, Potter asks questions which give both Goode and COBRA an opportunity to confirm and clarify their narratives. For example, at one point, COBRA confirms that the invisible or cloaked spheres are present in the solar system. In another example, Goode confirms that the Event agenda discussed by COBRA matches many aspects of what is being negotiated in various alliance meetings at this time.

And there are many other points of comparison presented that support the notion these two insiders are revealing testimony connected to the same overarching narrative. That is to say, they both agree there is a secret space program, there is a Cabal, and there are groups, many different ones, working to restore freedom and prosperity.

As outsiders, I think we can contemplate the diversity within their works, but should do our best not to focus only on the differences. The common threads we each share is what unites us for change. One way to do this would be to focus on actually discussing what our common goals are. This was mentioned by Potter in reference to preparations for Disclosure Day on the 8th of July.

I’d say uniting the human family once again will take time and persistence, and the sooner we start the better. In the process, we’ll probably discover we have far more in common with each other than we’ve allowed ourselves to believe.

- Justin

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SourceCOBRA The Portal

Here is the transcript of the first part of the joint Cobra / Corey Goode interview by Rob Potter. Transcript of the second part and the audio version will be posted when they are finished.

Rob – Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, brothers and sisters, divine embodiment of the All. My name is Rob Potter and this is the Victory of the Light radio show. I‘m your host of the Pyramid one. I’d like to thank Alan from the land of wonder down under who makes it possible. You can see the station button on the web-site if you want to support this station . I’d like to let you all know I do a fb page and Cobra Resistance and blog. You can check that out. Also my web-site the I’d like to thank Danell for the transcription. I’d like to thank Rique Seraphico who normally does the transcription. We’ll have him back. I’d like to thank Chris for modulating Cobra’s voice. With 24K miles signal delay at times, it made it a little difficult. It went over an hour but with the edits we had to do we’re down to 50 minutes so I’m doing a little longer intro. I’m some information that will enjoy this second. We can share some information with you

Insiders revealing what’s going on have agreed for the sake of unity and the sake of their followers are going to be commenting on each others’ questions. I have some questions

(Rob, Cobra –, Corey -

Rob – Corey and Cobra. Despite the fact that certain aspects of your information does not match up with each other, do you both generally agree on the bigger issues such as; full disclosure, freedom for the people, release of hidden technology, an end to war and environmental destruction. Corey.

Corey – Yea, I think that’s something pretty much anyone can get behind. We’ve all seen the signs of all of these topics not being conspiracies, they’re real. We’ve seen the different political movements. Everyone is tired of the lies. They’re ready. (Cobra)

COBRA – Yes. Of course I agree with this and I have been fighting with this my whole life and of course I would agree and I would support anybody who would be fighting along the same lines.

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Rob – Is there any reason that both of your respective audiences should not cooperate with each other towards full disclosure and planetary liberation. Cobra.

COBRA – I do not see any reason for that. (Corey)

Corey – That’s one of the main things that we’re trying to doing the full disclosure project is obtain unity in the community. There are so many different ideologies that we can argue about. The one thing that we can all agree on is that we want full disclosure. We want to know the truth. If we put blinders on to all the things we disagree about and focus on what we agree, we can get a lot accomplished.

Rob – Wonderful. That’s what the world’s been wanting to hear. Corey do you know what the Event is as Cobra has described it. (No) Cobra would you like to give him a brief synopsis.

COBRA – Yes, of course. The event is the moment of the compression breakthrough. The compression breakthrough is when the light forces from above the surface of the planet and from below the surface of the planet meet in the middle that is on the surface of the planet. I hope that we all agree that there are certain factions that support the light and support the liberation that exists inside of the solar system. There are some factions that support the light and the liberation of the planet that are existing below the surface. They’re progressing towards the surface of the planet because the surface of the planet is the main battleground is the main focus of all this situation that is not just limited to the planet Earth. When this breakthrough happens, this is what we term the Event. The Event is actually many things at the same moment. It is when the light forces take over the mass media and release intel about ET involvement, about the crimes of the Cabal, about the advanced technologies, so FULL disclosure. This is part of it. The other part of it is the mass arrest of the Cabal. The other part of it is Financial re-set that the Eastern alliance has been preparing for quite a long time. And of course we have been gradually going towards the first contact which is an actual official contact between the earth civilization and other positive ET races that exist throughout the galaxy. And the Event is a trigger point which begins that process. That’s the short overview of what the Event is. And of course we have the pulse from the galactic central sun. The galactic central sun is a living entity and it times the pulse of energy according to our global awareness and the level of that awareness and the level of the awakening. And when we have this compression breakthrough the level of awakening is high enough for humanity to receive that pulse of increased energy from the galactic center.

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Rob – Corey, do you have any intel that confirms Cobra’s information on the Event as he has stated specifically.

Corey – Much of what he’s said are part of the negotiations between all of these different alliances, Cabal groups, all of these are things that I’ve heard among things that has been negotiated. Yes, that’s very much a part of the reality of what is going on and is being negotiated. A lot of those things are in flux about what percentage some groups what to put out and all that. When it’s all said and done they’re not really going to . . . they think they have more power about how stuff is going to come out than in what form they really do.

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Rob – That is really good news for everyone. The next question is for Cobra. Cobra, have you heard as yet any confirmation from your sources to confirm not just the blue avians but the blue sphere being alliance or the meetings taking place as Corey has described them with the Super Federation of 40, the Anchara Alliance and the various groups as he describes them.

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COBRA – This is actually many questions in one. I can confirm that my sources have confirmed the existence of the so – called spheres. They don’t determine them in that way. They say there are many gigantic objects in the outer region of the solar system and also throughout the solar system that are cloaked most of the time. Cloaked not only in the visible part of the spectrum but cloaked in all ranges of electromagnetic radiation so they are not detectable. They are also not detectable for remote viewers. And yes, this is what I can confirm. I can not confirm all the details that Corey has released and I can not confirm his meetings with different alliances. But I can definitely confirm the existence of the spheres, not in details, but general information I can confirm.

Rob – Again ladies and gentlemen we have gentlemen who are both having genuine contacts and it seems these groups are working within their own different parameters. Corey can you give your opinion, I know there are lots of different people having lots of different types of contacts. Is the reason that some of these genuine people with face to face contact working for the same reason, from your understanding ,might not be on the same thread. There’s obviously lots of groups. What is your opinion on that one.

Corey – There are many different groups working in slightly different ultimate agendas that have the same overall, I guess, agenda. They’re working their own segmented little operations and so, you know, they’re not always completely wise to the operations of other groups. They may have been working off a lot of the same intel but they’re not working off of the same mission statement. If that makes sense. If you mean different, these different beings, you could meet 2 or 3 different beings that have different operational modes that they’re in and have different reasons for delivering information to people. You can know it’s from the same overall operational goal.

Rob – Cobra, would you agree or do you have any comments on that.

COBRA – Yes, I would agree and I would say that each group has it’s own cultural roots and it’s own strategy. It’s not easy for any of the groups to navigate the situation because there has been so much complexity in the situation and they have to. . . each group has to find their own policy and it’s not always easy. Each group comes from their own perspective and when those perspectives come together there is always a period of getting to know each other, alignment of intel. It’s process that takes time, especially inside of this solar system when there has been so much division and so much suppression of intel. So this is the process I expect to take some time.

Corey – That’s an important point that Cobra made. You have to develop a rapport with a Being to understand their culture, I guess, where they’re coming from, the way they communicate because all these different beings can communicate in a different manner just like all the different people that you run across in a daily life.

Rob – That’s ok. Like Italians speak in a certain way and communicate . .

Corey – Not only that but different personality types and different points of view. People communicate differently and in our daily lives we may misconstrue our normal conversation so, you know, until you get to know a person then you’re going to understand what they trying to communicate to you. You have to develop a rapport with some of these Beings before you can fully relate what they’re communicating to you.

Rob – Ok. thank you. I usually choose questions that I get repeats on. This is kind of an interesting one. People have sent me links from news reporters from around the world with this same phenomena kind of like those giant circular sink holes that have been showing up, kind of kept silent. But around the world lots of people have recorded on videos as well as on newscast reports certain cities are hearing certain noises. And the question is, was are the mournful sound of trumpets registered in countries around the world. Cobra first. Do you have intel on what these sounds are. They are definitely seem to be real.

COBRA – OK. According to my sources what is happening is there is, I would term it infrasound, which is just on the threshold of human hearing about 16 Hz and that frequency is harmful for human consciousness and the Cabal is using scalar devices that transmit infrasound. The infrasound travels not only through physical space it travels through the etheric space and it travels especially through plasma. By infrasound scalar waves they keep human consciousness locked into a certain vibrational state and people who have good hearing can hear that sound. Some of the people can actually feel that sound within their bodies as a certain vibration, certain suppressive vibrations. It is something that has been actually monitored, measured and documented around the world.

Rob – To follow up here, some of the sounds are actually reaching to be heard in certain areas. It’s been recorded like for a week, I think, I’m not sure but somewhere in Utah they’re hearing these sounds and it’s on the news, so it is the technology of the Cabal breaking down and it’s breaking into the audible spectrum now?

COBRA – Actually many people can hear that sound. It is not so difficult to hear if you know what to listen to but people usually just disregard this because they have so many other things to focus on in their lives. As I’ve said again those sounds have been documented they have been measured. The frequency spectrum has been measured and usually it’s just below the threshold of human hearing but some people can hear it.

Rob – Ok. It’s being recorded so a lot of people can hear it. Can you talk about it Corey.

Corey – This is something I’ve been asked about quite a bit and it depends on the actual incident. This is a sound that is completely audible that you can record. Then it is a mechanical sound. This. .. if it’s a regional if it’s just happening right around a little city, a lot of time it’s been exchanging air with the surface with the below ground bases. When it’s heard in wider regions around the planet the huge trumpet sound and other word frequency sounds it is from similar to sky quakes. It is from incoming __ and energetic waves that are coming into the solar system that are interacting with our upper atmosphere.

Rob – Interesting, thank you very much. We have the 2 different possibilities on these is a vibrational thing as well as a Cabal infrastructure both have agreed there. Here’s another interesting question I have here for both of you. Do either of you have intel on the explosions off the coast of Japan. According to Benjamin Fulford these are subterranean battles underneath a military base that Ben Fulford said was to prevent WWIII. Corey do you have any intel on that earthquake off of Japan. Was it a small scale Nuke or do you have any information on that.

Corey – Quite a few of the earthquakes that we’re having that are raging between 5.8 and 6.8 are triggered from various different exotic weapons. Part of this intel updates that we’re releasing, it’s either going to be this evening or tomorrow, David Wilcock is releasing for me on his website It has to do with some terrible battles that have been going on underground bases and caverns especially down in South America and under the ocean around Antarctica. There’s been a lot of activity going on underground and a lot of different exotic weapons including __ nukes being used, all these different exotic scalar weapons and it’s pretty hectic right now. Yea, there’s a lot going on.

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Rob – With that said could you give us a little more talk. Is this between different ET groups or is this between certain aspects of positive military or negative military from your understanding, or all 3.

Corey – All of the above and one of the latest bits of intel from Gonzales recently. I’ve been hearing for weeks massive reports of different types of Orb kind of UFO’s over Australia. Some would say they’re metallic. Some reported they had portals going around them. Some recording that they were of Russian origin and then there were reports of these very large pumpkin seed shape cruisers which are Draco. It’s in Australia, Antarctica and then some of them had actually left the earth’s atmosphere before all of these unknown dark chevron ships showed up and started attacking them and then then they ___ Antarctica. As of the last meeting which postulated that it’s some earth alliance group that has attained this technology but they’re not claiming responsibility for using it.

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Rob – OK, so you’re saying that Draco’s were trying to leave from Antarctica in pumpkin (seed) shaped ships and chevron ships which are rumored to be earth alliance ships are the ones putting them back down, not major confederation, is that correct.

Corey – Correct, and for months we had been observing Cabal/Nazi groups headed down to Brazil and Argentina and they’ve been heading into the underground bunkers like ants into the ground and they have been shuffling a lot of their assets and people down into Antarctica. So these people we believe they’re on these cruisers trying to get off the planet before something happens. Things seem to be reaching a crescendo of sorts, especially in the earth alliance with the earth negotiations and what’s going on in the back ground.

Rob – Thank you. Cobra, we kind of went into other information but can you confirm the Japan information that Corey says is correct and these other things or part of this intel. Can you comment on that please.

COBRA – OK. What I have received from my sources is yes there are battles in, I would say shallow underground bases in Japan. Mostly conventional weapons were used that triggered some of the earthquakes. But not all earthquakes were triggered by that. There is also an increased activity of the tectonic plates which react on increased activity of the galactic central sun. The other thing that I can confirm is that there is a lot of movement of the Cabal groups. They want to escape through 2 routes to Antarctica. One will go from Texas to Mexico then to South America, mostly Brazil and Argentina and towards Antarctica. The other one goes to New Zealand and Tasmania towards Antarctica. They want to escape because they think they will not be found there. Actually some of them tried and attempted to escape from the planet and according to one source the group that Corey terms the term the dark fleet, the Nazi break-away faction from of a long time ago attempted to contact the Nazi faction in Antarctica and create a bridge that would transport some of the personal from Antarctica to the outer edge of the solar system towards the Kuiper belt. And that intel is not confirmed so I can not 100% guarantee for that but this is what I’ve heard from one of the sources.

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Rob – OK. Thank you. Have either of you heard there was an ancient Pleiadian civilization in South America that was in a rain forest situation due to earth shifts no longer exists. But a long time ago there was a very deep underground, and still exists to this day, a technology that is stabilizing the planet. Have either of you heard of that deep underground Antarctica technology base from the Pleiadians.

Corey – Not from the Pleiadians you mentioned but. . .Yea, I’ve spoken in detail about a lot of this ancient type technology that’s been put in various parts of the earth, underground including Antarctica and some of it had been removed and it has caused problems with our tectonic plates and weather and other things and they had traded and given away that technology and it caused imbalance.

Rob – I’d like a clarity of Corey, do you know who put the technology there originally.

Corey – It’s unknown. Its extremely ancient. If I looked at the foot-notes of the report there was about 3 different populations that could have put it there.

Rob – Thank you. Cobra, do you ave any information.

COBRA – Actually we need to go a little bit back into the history of Atlantis. Atlantis on planet Earth was pretty much a global civilization which was seeded or encouraged by different waves, waves of different cosmic races. There was a Pleiadian wave which has brought Atlantis to it’s heights about 200,000 years ago and there was colonization from the Sirius star system that created the peak of Atlantean civilization about 75,000 years ago. And each of those races have brought a lot of technology and a lot of spiritual understanding to Atlantis and each of those races that I have mentioned have created their own network of surface cities, of sub surface cities, of tunnel networks, of underground pyramids, of crystals, of stabilization technology for the tectonic plates. But unfortunately there was another faction that came from Orion which infiltrated those networks of Atlantis and misused the technology and misuse of that technology actually was responsible for the deluge of Atlantis for the last sinking of Atlantis which append around 11,500 years ago, A lot of that old technology is still spread. Some of it is submerged on the bottom of the ocean. Some of it is a little bit underground. Some of it has been purposely destroyed or suppressed. But a lot of those machines and technologies and crystals are still remaining and some of the underground factions have discovered these old remnants and a lot of this will be coming to the main stream media at the time of the Event.

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Corey – That’s much newer technology, that’s not the oldest technology in stones, subterranean.

Rob – So there’s much more ancient technology, I’ve heard that as well.

Corey – Yes, hundreds of millions of years old.

Rob – Thank you for that. Yes, let’s see, this is kind of another question that ’s come up. Simon parks has indicated that he has heard that this was a battle. This is a little closer to home and we don’t know for sure because the people that filmed it. There was several groups. It was area 51 had a large amount of smoke and it didn’t look like a brushfire because it kind of came from one source. Do either of you have intel on that giant smoke cloud that was reported at area 51. Was this underground base engaged in one of these battles or was this a brush fire, do either of you have intel.

Corey – They was a large problem of getting rid of nuclear material from their testing and they’ve been burning nuclear material and it’s gotten away from them several several times out there. This is something that’s happened before…


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