Jesus (Sananda/Esu) Speaks on Lucifer, Anu, and Personal Responsibility

Esu Speaks on Lucifer, Anu, and Personal Responsibility – Jess Anthony – 8 March 2009

temple-of-purificationThis is Esu Immanual Kumara, a Sananda and the future visible Planetary Prince of Earth. At least I will be when the energy vibrations on this Planet are raised enough to allow me to interact with it comfortably.

You ask for a history lesson. I will explain how you got here and how your experience was impacted by foreign agents. Earth was a “Seed Planet”, which means that Christ Michael was using this environment to condition and train Souls that would be moving ultimately to become “Creator Gods”, a position such as he has occupied in his Local Universe creation of Nebadon. All Local Universes have areas that allow those energy manifestations unique to their configuration to explore the ramifications of that type of incarnation. Not all Local Universes are alike, you know, and no two types of universal inhabitants have the same combination of structural elements. They may be similar, but they remain distinct.

Christ Michael intended for Planet Earth to be a unique place for learning. That is why he allowed levels of “free will” and choice that are not typical in other Local Universes. The surrounding systems would be part of a grand structure of choice and individual experiences of creation. This was unique in the development of Local Universes.

The Souls that chose to incarnate here were special combinations of experience and experimentation in Universe building. Many had been involved with the creation of Nebadon, and these Souls sensed their purpose to be an extension of those experiences. The Souls incarnating into the initial environment of exploration and positive experience were to be unspoiled by contact with outside influences. This was a laboratory setting that gave full rein to a wide range of possibilities, in exploring the interaction between Positive and Negative elements . Much of what you experience now was the result of initial experiments in either successful or unsuccessful learning decisions.

Into this potentially idyllic existence came E.T. interlopers from outside this Galaxy System. They were not interested in the type of experiential existence that was occurring, but were, instead, looking for elements their own incarnational structure lacked as a result of poor choices they had made earlier. The many stories of the Anunnaki arriving on their Planet Nibiru are approximately correct. They intersected your orbit and decided to take control over Earth’s unsuspecting culture for their own selfish purposes.

The stage for this take over had been set before, however, as Earth’s inhabitants had learned elements of obedience from its Planetary Prince Caligastia and his overseers during what has become known as the “Lucifer Rebellion”. Christ Michael’s determination to explore choice and self-initiation had opened the door for Lucifer to propose that the inhabitants of Nebadon were fully independent by virtue of their creation. His argument was that once created with self-determination, inhabitants no longer had to follow the dictates of someone outside themselves. This ignored the fact that all of the Creation in Nebadon was connected to Christ Michael’s concept — even the decision to be separate was an experience Christ Michael was learning from through being a part of. Even though he had set the configuration in motion, he still did not have the complete experiential awareness he would after his period of “Seven Bestowals” downwards through his Local Universe. He had to experience his Creation fully as a part of all of it in order to completely understand how his concepts were manifested. He still did not have the complete power to make decisions on issues that dealt with concepts beyond the limits of Nebadon.

Lucifer’s arguments were attacking the permission granted Christ Michael to design and objectify his vision for constructing a Local Universe. This permission came from the Creator Source and was beyond the scope of what Christ Michael could determine at that point in the history of Nebadon. He could do nothing but allow this concept to play out, once it had been set in motion, but he decided to quarantine those followers to the areas where they had been most persuasive. His original “Seed Planet” of Earth became a Laboratory to examine the working out of Lucifer’s concepts. Its Planetary Prince Caligastia was one of Lucifer’s followers, and he had already begun the shift in thinking that produced a fertile environment for Lucifer’s ideas to develop more fully.

Earth became a microcosm of the Universe, but directed against the original designs of Christ Michael. It was oriented to the interests of Lucifer and Caligastia, and the Planet’s original connection with Christ Michael’s enlightened concepts of self-determination became spiritually detached and unaware. Man on Earth fell into a lowered dimensional existence oriented around the spiritual levels of its new interloping “Gods”. Elements of Christ Michael remained, but they were forgotten as the thinking process of Man shifted.

Once this lowering of the spiritual dimension had happened, it was easy for others to take advantage of the naiveté of those incarnated on Earth. This was what happened with the arrival of Nibiru’s Leader, Anu and his family. They recognized what Earth could provide, especially its sources of gold needed to replenish the damaged atmosphere around his mobile Planet Nibiru from E.T. nucleur attacks on it. And so they set about exploiting it to their advantage. This involved interacting with the inhabitants in order to breed simple easily controlled workers. Those on Earth looked to Anu and his family as physical incarnations of the “Gods” of their limited spiritual memories. Hybridization improved the DNA stock of the workers they began to control. As part of their improved physical abilities, the workers mental perception also unexpectantly began changing. To capitalize on this, spiritual advisors from the Higher Dimensions took advantage of this to begin influencing the virtual-slave workers’ understanding of themselves and their situation. This began the first stages of their spiritual re-awakening.

This struggle between those wanting selfish control of others and those teaching individual awakening and a reconnection with Christ Michael’s vision has continued to today. However, it entered a new phase once Christ Michael had completed his “Last Bestowal” [out of seven other “Planetary Bestowals” on a series of descending Dimensional-frequency levels] on Earth was thus able to fianlly assume the position of full Creator Sovereign of Nebadon. His last Bestowal initiated the process for removing the dark influences of those in opposition to his vision. Influenced by Christ Michael’s vision of Free Will/Choice and Co-creation, this process was designed to work through the inhabitants involved and was a continuation of his notion of self-determination within an awareness of the unified whole. The last vestiges of this integral process are playing out now.

Esu [Jesus] Immanual Kumara


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