Jade Helm by Cobra – An excerpt from European Breakthrough Conferences Report,

Thursday, May 7, 2015.(Posted & compiled by Rique Seraphico).

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COBRA’s message regarding Jade Helm

“You might have noticed that I have not posted any significant intel in the last few weeks. This is because we are in a very delicate period where any release of significant intel could hinder the operations of the Light forces taking place behind the scenes. Soon I will be able to release more.

Let me just say that Jade Helm military exercise will give the Positive Military much needed real life simulation intel for the time of the Event. The cabal tries to spin that military exercise and disseminates fear based scenarios as part of their psychological warfare.

I will calm some fears by stressing that the Light forces have said very clearly that the martial law in the US will NOT be introduced under any circumstances. They have also strongly suggested that everyone remains calm and does not engage in any conflicts the Cabal might try to engineer”.


To all of you Americans that have been fearing the upcoming Jade Helm military drill:

Please DON’T!! You are only doing what the US (Cabal) wants you to be doing and falling for their oldest trick of all – they thrive with all the fear and chaos caused.

They have, and I must say, very cleverly, used what is basically a LIGHT Forces operation, in their favour and tried to revert the situation and put you, good American Citizens, against the very forces that will be there to help YOU! And quite frankly, and sadly, they are once again succeeding in doing this, judging by the vast majority of posts and comments I have seen to date.

Only YOU can change this. And if you are reading this, then, you are obviously in a much higher frequency than the majority of the Americans living in the USA. As such you have a responsibility to use your knowledge, Light and help your people, all those around you that are giving in to fear.

There is absolutely NO reason for that. Yes, it is 100% true, the US Cabal wants you, all of us in fact, DEAD! They want to turn the table and implement their NWO plans. Create chaos, install Martial Law in the Country, put you all FEMA Camps, force a WW3 – ALL of that is true, fact.

But they have been trying, alongside Israel and the Vatican to implement all the above (and a lot more we don’t know, yet) for a LONG long time. And have failed their every single attempt. And will continue to doing so.

We ARE going to get our RV (Revaluation), GCR(Global Currency Reset), Nesara/ Gesara and FULL Disclosure SOON, much sooner than you may think. There is only ONE possible outcome here, VICTORY OF THE LIGHT.

Yes, most of us are beyond desperate, sick to death of all promises, having failed miserably time after time to date. TRUE. But you must understand how difficult it has been to turn the table for the Light. We are indeed dealing with a formidable and very powerful Evil enemy.

But their days are very much numbered. Why so? Because there is an agenda, a time frame for our Solar Sytem to be Freed. It has been decided to go ahead with all plans to liberate our Solar System and prepare our Planet for the very profound and important changes that are about to take place.

We will have some difficult times ahead of us, past RV/ GCR/ Nesara, but all necessary in order to separate the wheat from the chaff. The main reason we are all here, at this most important time in our history is to prepare ourselves and Humanity for ASCENSION. The ONLY time this will happen, a whole Planetary System Ascending in one go. This has never happened before, not on this level.

As such amigos, there is absolutely NOTHING that can or will be allowed to stall or stop this process. Nada!
For this very reason, there will be NO World War 3, Martial Law, Atomic Wars/ Weapons being used here on Earth.

Yes there have always been plans to do all that, but these Evil Negative beings ARE being defeated systematically and their end is near and our Victory, assured!

IF all that Cobra and I have said about Jade Helm is wrong, or proves to be wrong (and I Very much doubt it!), please understand the US Cabal will NOT be allowed to take advantage of any of that and if the situation gets seriously out of control, the Event Horizon WILL be triggered and the Cabal removed from power/ this Planet. So amigos and amigas, we have a WIN WIN situation here.

Please be positive, have faith, TRUST your Light and above all, change your negative vibration regarding Jade Helm and help others get out of this low vibration and living in fear. Fear notyhing, for you have nothing to fear, only to rejoice, for our Victory IS indeed close.

Much Love & Light,

Rique Seraphico.

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