It Has Begun – Illuminati Elite Being Jailed – Babylon Falling Right Now (Video)

(Before It’s News)

(N.Morgan) The deep rooted corruption in our society, our governments, our world, is coming to a head. It is time for Babylon to fall and let the arrests begin!  Now, in a new development, Illuminati members are going to jail. One by one, arrests are being made. Members of theIlluminati being JAILED as we speak. Millions are hailing this as the new revolution that will free mankind.

DO YOU BELIEVE THAT? Or, is this just the beginning of the End. Will mankind avert the great tribulation and waltz into the new paradise Earth set up by a free mankind? Or are we simply being controlled to do exactly as they have planned and allow room for the BEAST to be set up that “all men will worship it” You must be the judge. I am not advocating that we be discouraged, nor that we not try. I am saying this.





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