Is the “Something” Coming this Fall a Planet, a Ship or an Energetic Mass?

Very interesting viewing. Thank you, D, for sending this video.

The powers that were could always put a negative spin on things to garner fear in the masses, and I think that was the original intent with the Nibiru or Planet X story.

The feeling many have about the apocolyptic something that is coming to Starship Earth soon may in actuality be a very positive thing. In fact, I would say it most definitely is, but who am I?

And if it really is apocolyptic, why worry about it? Pray you are annihilated immediately on or about November 7th and set free from this miserable 3D life, never to reincarnate again.

While many assume this approaching “something” to be a solid body, it may not be at all. Could it not be the coming Inter-Galactic Wave, as Dr. Simon Atkins refers to his theory?

The makers of this video do a great job with their 3D schematics. They use solid-looking objects to denote the planets known as “gas giants”, and assume the “something” that is coming is a solid planet.

We can’t always believe our eyes (or NASA) since the Galactics and Source employ a physics we have not been taught.

Look at ISON and Lovejoy. Just comets, right? My firm belief is that ISON and Lovejoy had/have specific jobs to perform with respect to our current journey.

The images I saw of ISON appeared to be at least one ship, so whether ISON is a comet that looks like a ship, or a ship that looks like a comet, makes no matter. It’s special.

Closeup of Comet ISON

And what of Lovejoy—the ‘sundiving’ comet which, rather than melting, lived to come out the other side? It certainly did not behave as a traditional comet does, according to those who are experienced in cosmology. Things are not always what they seem.

The odd trajectory of Comet Lovejoy

I have also wondered whether the Event Horizon or ‘The Event’—that Galactic wave that will envelope Earth and essentially signal the end of the dark forces and our liberation from slavery on Starship Earth—might be this energetic wave we’re hearing about. It may be simply hanging out in the wings until role call.

The prophesied celestial body might also be a biosphere belonging to one of the Star Nations. We just don’t know.

I have always believed the crop circles the Galactics have made are powerful messages, and perhaps they have intrinsic meaning to our subconscious minds but I think many have had a more unified and long term purpose overall.

Perhaps this video answers our questions but in a way we can all embrace as something to be anticipated with joy and positive anticipation rather than fear and apprehension.

Whether the arrival of this “something” can be calculated precisely considering the irregular manifestations of ISON and Lovejoy, remains to be seen. I wouldn’t count on it. I think it will happen when it’s most beneficial for all concerned.

Whatever we choose to believe, it serves us far better to anticipate the positive rather than the negative. Our expectations do matter, and I’m expecting miracles.  ~ BP


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