Investigation Into the Sordid Past Behind the Bush Family


There is evidence that George HW Bush was a CIA agent involved in the murder of JFK

George W. Bush: “My Dad Was Meeting with the Brother of Osama on 9/11, 2001. Does That Make Him a Terror Suspect?”

The Push To Charge Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld For CIA Torture and War Crimes

The Bush Family Helped Hitler Rise to Power

Venezuela imposes mandatory visas for all US citizens, bans for Bush & Cheney

Bush Crime Syndicates Extortion and Child Trafficking Today Pt 1

George Bush Pedophile Sex Ring and Blackmail of Congress

Leonard Millman and George HW Bush Narcotics Money Laundering

Human Rights Group in Berlin Files War Crimes Against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld And Other CIA Officials

Bush v. Clinton In 2016? New World Order Dream Matchup Being Touted As ‘Inevitable’

Blackwater: Monsanto Hires Mercenaries Connected To Bush/Cheney Regime

The Bush Dynasty: Family of Secrets (Recommended)

CIA Opens Books: The wheels are coming off for Bush and the Cabal

The Grand Conspiracy: The Bush Family Nazi Crime Syndicate (Free PDF Book)

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