INTEL: YouAreFreeTV 2-1-18… “#FREEDOM: Q 2/1= D-Day,

by Kauilapele

Found this video very informative about all the “things going on” at this moment, including about the train wreck, how the Super Bowl participants may be related to “what’s going on”, latest Q posts (link to those (via DW)), etc.

Published on Feb 1, 2018
#2ndAmRev commences today with Q’s D-Day signals. Will Trey Gowdy become our next Deputy AG? Schiff has hit the fan as the helicopter crash, killing 3, in Newport, CA, will unravel more pedo crimes. Future Proves Past! RDS and William Binney are preparing to launch the Trump Channel, coming soon! #STORM is in full deployment!

Thanks so much for supporting You Are Free TV!! I will post a blog regarding the issues covered in this video by 1/2. There is so much happening that it is hard to keep up! I have been having internet challenges with this channel and YT gestapo.

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