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INTEL “RUMORS” – HOT RV INTEL – 28th July 2014.
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Everything looks really, really good and I pray this is the final thing. In Iraq, they are very busy with last-minute agreements. My take is they’ve had the PM now for many weeks.The security situation is going well, too. The CBI is ready…Banks are ready…The UN Security Council is happy with the ministers, and the progress being made. We can see the end in sight and it looks like we’re going to nail it. It looks really good – by John MacHaffie.

PAPAJACK POST FROM OOM CHAT 07/28/14 AFTERNOON< Cindieloohoo Today at 3:36 pm[Papajack] The devils mad and I’m glad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Papajack] A lot of good stuff floating around out there today!!!!

[Papajack] The light is starting to shine so we should get some real info soon. That being said it’s not over until we are walking out of the bank but things are looking positive for us.

[Papajack] I was told the ZAP post was right on, HINT, HINT!!!!!

[Papajack] It looks like things are moving off top dead center if you know what I mean.

[Papajack] Get ready for the rules of engagement to come out so have your ducks in a row and be careful.

[Papajack] That darn jet is circling around somewhere.

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Hi, Folks –
Found at
7-28-14 TNT TONY CC (Notes by Adept1):

Replay 805.399.1500, PIN CODE 409029#

Tony: Good morning, TNT! Today is Monday, July 28th, 2014. Again, we didn’t expect to be here, but here we are. Hopefully this is our very last call.

DC: God, I pray!
Tony: We are going to start this call off a little bit differently. It will be a very short call at this point. I wan to thank people all around the world, in all the countries that participated. I especially thank the gentleman who says Pam should not be under the bus!
Things are great. DC will have all the answers today! DC, try to explain where we are. It was great, great weekend with a lot of meetings, and people seeing eye to eye. WE are now in that perfect position we have been waiting for.

DC: Good morning! East to West. Everything looks really, really good and I pray this is the final thing. In Iraq, they are very busy with last-minute agreements. My take is they’ve had the PM now for many weeks. They’ve had most of the cabinet ready for weeks as well, with just a few positions not quite filled. They have been taking time to add those on, and it’s helped. The folks the PM is listening to and choosing have solidified his support, and also added to the position hat he is a moderate who will listen to all sides. He is taking counsel while making his own decisions.

He’s listening to the right folks, consulting and with lots of communication in all directions. This helps to solve any differences or unrest caused by M and his group all this time. That has built up strong support for him. A lot of the religious leaders are happy. The security situation is going well, too. Many who joined the ISIS are now part of the system and the process, and that is good for getting Iraq on its feet again.
The CBI is ready with representatives from all major countries. Most Iraqi department heads are there, and not to enjoy the heat.

Tony: WE know the Speaker and the President, and they had meetings with the top religious leaders and also political leaders.

DC: Yes, and the former PM also talked with the President and they have a good relationship.

Tony: He met with the old PM and the new PM, who has been assigned his security guards, is that right?

DC: Yes. Take a step back for Iraqi purposes, and also see where Iraq is coming from. Remember, Iraq had a very high currency rate and bustling economy through the 1980s, with a good lifestyle for the Middle East at the time. For a dictator, the economy wasn’t bad. Then Saddam Hussein came in and made everyone miserable. The country is now coming out of the doldrums and it will be amazing to watch as they take their place in the Middle East and in the world. Everyone is here for the RV and the dinar, but it’s also great to watch the process and progress of the country.

Tony: There is a date, a time and a final plan. Everyone has agreed. We’re there. That doesn’t mean it’s in the next 15 minutes, but we’re there. In Iraq, they have met with the incoming and outgoing PM, they have a PM ready to be announced.

DC: The UN Security Council is happy with the ministers, and the progress being made. The IMF has helped broker the time on that, and the US administration is also onboard, supportive and helpful. Everyone is back onto a timeline and ready for that. A lot of people are ready to let bygones be bygones and move on. Other times we have been exited, but this is different. We have to get here in order to go further. We have been here before, but this is a different level of commitment. We’re grateful they have chosen to do that.

Banks are ready. Everyone is ready and exhausted. My wife pointed out to me this weekend that everyone in this process is now exhausted. I talk to people on the phone all day, and they are all exhausted and frustrated—from the most senior, powerful people down to little old me, plus Tony and the intel team. We’re all exhausted, frustrated and angry. Now it’s kind of broken free, and everyone’s saying “Thank God”. We can see the end in sight and it looks like we’re going to nail it. It looks really good.

Tony: Let’s start Q and A. We’re exhausted – DC, me, Pam – we so want this over with. Everyone at every level wants this over with, including the Iraqi people themselves. We are just waiting for money; they are waiting for freedom of life and movement, the ability to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with some food left over for tomorrow. They are looking forward to having electricity and running water. This is more than money in a bank account for them; they’re waiting for a whole new life. So while we have been waiting for all the good we can do with this, we should appreciate their life in their country, too. You cannot be mad at a whole country because a couple of idiots got it wrong. We need to see that these are good, honest people doing the best they can with what they have, and it’s more about them receiving a whole new way of life, rather than us being able to buy cars, houses, planes and all the rest.

Of course, we look forward to doing good things as well. But it’s not just about us, and they have suffered a thousand times more than we have. To the Iraqi people, I say thank you for that. Some are in fear of their lives, with their doors kicked in and computers taken, because they have helped up. I say thank you to you, and to those in DC who risked their careers to help us. WE appreciate all of you who wen through this process – and TNT members as well. You’ve got to go through it to get to it, and if you do get through to the other side, this experience will benefit you for the rest of your life. It’s the people, the learning, the relationships, being able to look at the news and see what is really going on.

I really, really want to thank our Mods, all our Mods throughout the years that I have ever been associated with, on all the sites. The part you did was important to get us here where we are right now. Those who couldn’t continue, your part was also important. I also appreciate the members in TNT and on the other boards. I know the frustration got to some of you, when you are not used to politics and global issues, and it was a struggle to believe all that. Hopefully we help the entire world grow through our humanitarian projects. Hopefully it will be a great day and a great, great week.

513 caller: [appreciation]

Tony: The boss (Pam) called me yesterday. People are planning post-RV gatherings, which is fine if you have known them for a while. I have to caution you against giving your name, phone number and email address to people you have met on the internet. Be cautious, because those people will know your status from this time on. Some will add you to lists that they sell. I’d rather you err on the side of caution. Just because they are TNT members doesn’t mean that you should trust everyone. I am not responsible for what happens if you do.

903 caller: Is this going to November?

Tony: Yes. Is that okay? We won’t talk to that number again.
212 caller: I have a question about the bank contract if you want the contract rate. If there are any clauses or language inside that contract that would cause you not to sign, what would those be? What would you do under those circumstances?

Tony: If it is in there, we won’t be able to come back and tell you about that because we’d be under NDA by then. If I were AT a bank, and the language made me uncomfortable, I would either change it or I wouldn’t sign it. I wouldn’t do anything under duress. You should take a lawyer with you if necessary.

DC: Never sign anything you’re not comfortable with. The nice part of being American is that we don’t have to! What’s the downside here? I have a contract rate that will give me an insane amount of money, or an international rate that will make me comfortable. I read the NDA, and it was very straightforward: don’t talk about to anyone, don’t write a book or make a film. If you know you are going to talk, don’t sign it!

The clauses I would look for, just for myself, is simple: do they follow the rule of law? In your state, is some appointee going to make the decisions? I don’t trust that. I’ll be exchanging in Texas, and if they follow all the law in Texas, that’s fine. If not, I won’t sign it. Also if there is an issue, how is that adjudicate? If someone says that I have been talking when I have not, how is that worked out? If I violate that agreement, it’s on me. People think they can tell their sister, brother, uncle further down the road, but NO! It means you cannot discuss it with ANYONE. If you can’t guarantee that, don’t sign it.

Caller: I am not asking about the NDA, I’m asking about the bank agreement.

DC: I heard there are two agreements, and the bank contract is very straightforward, saying that you will exchange with them. The latest version is that you will pay 2% as your fee and after that, you can do whatever you want with your money. They will not retain any. They WILL try to sell you banking products, of course. You have to find out if their invest-ment style suits you. If you are not happy with the investment vehicles, make sure you can withdraw your funds in a timeframes that is comfortable to you. Find out what the penalties or fees will be to get your own money.

Caller: So you are saying there are no timeline lockups?

DC: Let’s look at annuities – you have a minimum time period or you have a pretty hefty fee. Usually it’s five years. You give them a chunk of money and they give you a monthly income. As long as you know that, you’re fine. You don’t put all your money in that basket. You just have walk through what you are comfortable with.

Caller: Here’s my dinar; I want to exchange it for dollars, and have 100% control over my money. Will there be restrictions on that.

DC: You should have full range to do that after you pay your 2% fee, yes.

717 caller: About donations, I have attempted to make donations to the TNT site, and I think at one point someone said something about a PO Box?

Tony: I never set up a PO Box because it’s too much trouble and I thought PayPal was easier for everyone. Ray has passed on some that came to his PO Box. PayPal have changed their system so that you can just make a donation, instead of ‘friends and family’.

Caller: I wonder how many besides myself would find it easier to send a check.

Tony: I thought we were getting ready to be over, so it didn’t seem worth setting up a secondary system. I really believed that! Pam has asked me so many times, but I said nobody wants to do that because this is getting ready to be over!

Caller: When you were on PTR, I sent $15 per month; now we are getting good information here and it’s been hard to do that.

Tony: If it doesn’t happen and we have to pay for next month, then I’ll et something up. I truly believe we won’t have to worry beyond Friday.

Caller: The Las Vegas event is still on?

Tony: I would love to do all the events, and see all you guys; I just don’t know what is going to be in the NDA that I have to sign. I still have everything scheduled, but our NDA is something like 31 pages; I don’t know what they could say for 31 pages!! They’re telling me they don’t want me to do the events, but… I don’t want to be a politician or influence anyone, but I do feel you guys deserve to get together rand meet each other.

DC: I was trying to describe to someone how I feel in this process. I was raised by my grandmother who had pin cushions with a 1,000 pins in them, and that’s how I feel!

410 caller: Sounds like we are getting down to it. If you believe in it, Tony, that’s a big statement.

Tony: We’ve known for a long time who is holding this up, but there was nothing we could do about it. If we told you the names, that would just make them madder at us. We have always been here for the people. If you need us afterwards, then we can go full-fledged. All we can do is pass on the information, and pray… “Please, God, let this be it.”

Caller: You have been helping us all along, and you said that towards the end it would be crazy. All we can do is sip a drink and wait it out.

Tony: We shouldn’t have had Friday’s call and certainly not today’s call. We know the timing but we cannot tell you because people might jump on reserves and that could alter the calculations and the rates again. People are just waiting for forex to just jump on it!

Caller: The 2%, does that cover all the fees?

DC: Yes, that is all you should pay on the exchange. The banks will charge you for any investments they make for you, but that’s a different issue.

Caller: What is the best resource to find out what the tax rates will be? How will be find that information out?

DC: Have your tax attorney or accountant follow through on the tax laws. We have heard that this exchange qualifies you for long-term or short-term capital gains, but you will have to figure it out for yourself. Also, be careful that they can pass retroactive laws, so if there are pending court cases that might end up with you paying a lot more, make sure you have set enough aside to deal with that.

Caller: Is there some site we can look all this up?

DC: This is where we would love to have a Tony site to explain all this, but they won’t let us, so have your tax professionals look at it.

Tony: You will regret it if they levy the taxes and you haven’t set aside enough to pay them.
Caller: You told us to look at the bank screens to check we are getting the highest rate. Is there any reason why they wouldn’t give you the highest rate?

DC: That is my logic, too, but some folks think that they might take more in spread. But I believe that with this flat fee, they will try and get you the highest rate, because then they get higher amounts from you. I believe the banks are required to charge only 2%. Of course, groups can do whatever they want to.

Caller: I’m sure many of us are still in the workforce; will we be firing our bosses? I want to be smart about this, so what things should we set in place before giving in our notice?

DC: I have had this conversation with several of my employees this morning! Make sure you have the money, and you have it making money. You want to have income coming in first before you do something about your job. A million dollars is nice, but after taxes, how much is left, and what are you going to invest it in? Don’t just walk out that same day, PLEASE give them a couple of weeks’ notice. Otherwise, businesses might crash.

Tony: Make sure you have a way to replace that income first. The same people you see on the way up, you will see on the way down. If 90% are broke within two years, you might want that job back. So don’t destroy that going out… Keep life as usual while you get everything lined up with your investments and such. Some people will only make $450K and that is not as much as you think it is by the time you but your new car, your wife’s car and a few things for your kids. Think things out and look at the next 2-3 years before you walk off that job. Take a leave of absence instead, and be nice about it. Because they didn’t believe, there is no need to destroy their business. Be nice; be respectful.

DC: If you are young man, like you sound, what are you going to do with yourself for the rest of your life? A lot of people find retirement a challenge. What are you really going to do with yourself? You’ll have a lot of time, but to do what?

Caller: I don’t know how much longer we will have these calls, maybe you could present that question again. It was very informative to find out what our fellow dinarians intend to do for the good of their communities, the country and the whole world. I have business plans myself, investing in alternative energies, and also training as a life coach. I think a lot of us will need that so we don’t’ stray away with all this money. I intend to keep myself very busy. Also, Tony, condolences and prayers…

Tony: Pam set up a space on the Forum, and I know a lot of you want to sent flowers and such, and we are setting that up. My sister went to our aunt’s funeral and there weren’t many flowers, and she wants lots of flowers at her funeral. On a separate note, please don’t start threads in the room where you exchange personal information, though. I don’t want to be responsible for that.

815 caller: [appreciation] One thing we can say for sure is “who moved my goal post?”

Tony: They just had a good defensive play and moved us back. Now we have to move forward again.

Caller: Do you think those pushing the button had this timeline in mind from Day 1?

DC: No, this is a tactical day-to-day fight, changing the rules, what needed to be done, and everything else. Changes have happened constantly.

Caller: If the event does take place in Las Vegas, will that be limited to forum people or open to others?

Tony: Id on’t know. Eight thousand people signed up in two hours, and I’m paying for the whole thing as my appreciation for those who have supported us and an opportunity for you to meet and greet people who have supported each other over the last 2-3 years – the people who believe in TNT. The other four events are the same. Since Pam restricted people from coming in, we have some new people who want to come as well, and I haven’t given it a thought as yet. I cannot really decide until I see what the NDA says. I’d just like to meet people at these one-day event and Las Vegas which might be three days. Also, my guy at WF offered to do wealth training, and if so, I can maybe do that part, then the afternoon could be celebration, getting to know each other, etc. I still have to think about this, if we can do this.

Caller: I spoke to you a few months ago about buying or setting up a private bank. If you could send a PM to … or you can call me if you’d like information on that.

Tony: I have your information.

Pam says we have to go. DC has something he needs to do. We felt there was no need for a long call today because of where we are. We’re excited about all the meetings this weekend and we hope they live up to those decisions this week. The rollout dates have been settled, and we just hope and pray they will happen this time.

DC: I agree with what Tony said. We are on the edge because everyone is now committed and Iraq is ready. We are looking forward to watching Iraq grow. Things look phenomenally good and we are just praying ti will stay that way.

Pam: I want to thank my special friend in the sandbox for all his help and for calling me Pretty Woman. I want to thank all the Mods for all they have done, plus our transcribers and guest Mods. That has been very successful, and we really appreciate Jaybird and Daz for doing such a great job with that. We all thank you so much.

Ray: You’ve covered everything, so everyone enjoy your marvelous Monday.

Tony: I ‘ve been in OpenMike only a couple of times, but thank you for being there and supporting Ray, and all our Mods and all of TNT. Hopefully, this IS the last call of this nature, and the next call will be explaining how, when and where you go to the bank, with the 800 numbers. Enjoy the rest of your day; don’t get overly anxious, but know that something could happen this week to change the rest of your life.

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