in5d: Energy Update – Moving Into Ultra Sonic Frequencies

January 14, 2017 Spiritual Awakening

Energy Update - Moving Into Ultra Sonic Frequencies

by Lisa Brown,

Moving into ultra sonic frequencies loves. These do many things (as all activations do). Some are: star particle activations (itchies), reverberation out (and back of those unconscious programs, faster/instantaneously until the moment one becomes conscious and clears that entire program, yet there may be physical reality “consequences” (effects) as a result of previous unconscious transmissions unless one’s POWER is strong enough to counteract the “effect”, and more).

These create some of the shock waves (shocked awake). These cleanse the body’s cellular programs huge, activate distortions to start to play out in one’s head or out in their physical reality world, (gamma is obliterating and super charging right now, which creates chaos for the human), and we have simultaneous timeline collapse/convergences “faster” with all of these different frequencies.

Solar winds do much (sleep and open the heart softly/lullaby effect). Gamma runs through the body, scans and auto corrects/deletes and irradiates…. Super high activates pineal and holographic capabilities more. Super stimulation to the body, shocks to the heart (defibrillator feeling) to awaken the heart & pump blood/life to the rest of the body to awaken/wake it up and bring it online more…

I could go on & on… there’s so very much more. ☼ ♫ ♦

Happy activating loves! Everything’s going on! ♥

Love from above and within!

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

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