Hollow Earth – The Biggest Cover Up – Videos Part 1 and 2

By Susan Duclos
Fascinating exploration into the Hollow Earth theory in parts one and two in the videos below by TheMusicmemorylane, where it is claimed the Earth is entirely hollow and deep within lives a race of super beings that surface periodically to oversee the development of the human race.
The videos unravel the mysteries of the Hollow Earth theory including the Nazi and Reptilian connections. The first video deals with the basics of the theory itself, going back to 1947 and US Naval admiral Richard E. Byrd and his supposed experiences with claims that he entered the Earth to find alien life, civilization and technology advanced far beyond what humans were capable of, then part two goes straight into the Third Reich connection.
Is there any truth to these claims? Is there any evidence of the assertions made by those that believe the theory? See below in the two videos titled “Hollow Earth – The Biggest Cover Up.”

Source: Galactic Connection

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