A Group of Pleiadians Removed Thousands of Cabal from the Planet June 15th

UFO-mothership-333 Yes, it’s true. It’s so much going behind the scenes, you would not believe it … The “guys” confirmed that.
A Group of Pleiadians Removed Thousands of Cabal from the Planet June 15th. (Posted @Starship Earth: The Big Picture compiled by Rique Seraphico).

Could this really be true? (R. Seraphico).

Julien Wells Pleiadian update on Diamondsforever31: 14.06.14.
Video Link: http://youtu.be/5tfVQZnL3D0

Thank you, Jane, for sending this. I still haven’t had a chance to listen to much more than an hour, but WOW!

Julien Wells always shares the most incredible insights about what is happening behind the scenes on the Galactic Front and this discussion is no exception.

If you’re not familiar with Julien, he has an incredible conduit to the Pleiadians who regularly share information with him and he never knows when the telepathic transmissions are going to come through.

He says a group of Pleiadians that is desperate to make a difference in the planetary situation went outside the box and devised a way to free nearly 11,000 underlings of the cabal who have been screaming to get out of their predicament and contracts with their masters—despite the fact that other groups of Pleiadians, Andromedans, Arcturians, Orions, Sirians, etc. disagreed with their plan.

Those removed from the planet are the highly compartmentalized cabal who are afraid for their lives at the hands of Humanity when we learn what they’ve done. They are not near the top and just do what they’ve been trained to do—but that does affect us and their removal will benefit many of us.

You’ll have to listen for yourselves, but this makes it crystal clear that…

1. There are many, many independent groups of galactics on their own missions to free us and that is why no ONE spokesperson at our disposal knows everything that is happening or will happen, or why.

2. Our star families are under no such edict to keep their noses out of our business and refrain from “interfering”. They’re interfering BIG TIME! and I’m so grateful. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I think it was a brilliant plan.

Thank you Julien and everyone involved with bringing us this fascinating information. There is another interview they recommend listening to first, but I had to jump on this one when I had connectivity. I’ll catch up later.

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2 Responses to A Group of Pleiadians Removed Thousands of Cabal from the Planet June 15th

  1. Lane Wallace says:

    If the Pleiadians are so advance being why do they speak, where as many other beings use telepathic communications.

  2. IsisAy says:

    They use both. The pleiadians here, speak like humans – it depends on the situation . why is this such a big deal. If they communicate telephatically ( which mostly do) many humans do not ” hear” them or think they lost their mind …:-)

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