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89. In your FAQ on your site you’ve mentioned that people ask you if BA are “known 4th/5th D Groups that are traveling here from the Central part of our Galaxy on behest of the “13” to assist “US””, what do you reckon this 13 represents?

This is some information that is possibly very controversial among several groups of people who have strong belief systems about several ET/ED groups that have been referred to as “Confederations”, “Councils”, “Commands”, “Alliances” and “Federations”.

The list is a long one.

There is a Galactic Council of 13 mentioned in several “ET Narratives” including the “Ashtar Council”, “Andromeda Council”, “Draco Council”, “Galactic Council of Light”, “The 13 Ascended Galactic Masters” and the list goes on and on.

There is also lots of talk about the Galactic Central Sun (AKA “The Black Sun”) which even has a number of its own cults and is reflected in the “Galactic Logos” information that was presented in the “Hidden Hand” Material that was a mixture of several other groups of New Age Idea’s and rumored Illuminati Beliefs.

There is certainly a series of energetic bursts that are coming from the center of the the Galaxy that we measured in the SSP Research Vessels as well as high energy galactic storms in an area of the Galaxy that our Sol System happens to be traveling through at this time.

There are some ET Groups that are in the Super Federation that are 4th and 5th Density Beings/Civilizations. None of them have identified themselves as being apart of or representing a “Council of 13″ from the center of our Galaxy.

They do not use the names that most “Earth Contactee’s” use to describe the beings they are in contact with on the Internet at these Super Federations. This may be because they represent themselves to these Earth bound humans that they are contacting as these group names while they are known by completely other designations by each other and the Secret Space Programs. Some of them have indeed been found out to be deceptive “Ancient Earth Break Away Civilizations” that have pretended to be “gods” and “ET’s” for hundreds of years to various surface populations and civilizations.

The Super Federation is a Federation that is made up of many other Councils and Federations that have a vested interest in our Sol System and are taking part in some “Grand Experiment” that is not just genetic in its nature. This “Experiment” is far more complex than genetics and is something they are participating in themselves as well as experimenting on us. It is also very much tied to “Natural Law”, Karma, and “Free Will” (Even though some groups do not respect free will in the way we would expect them to).

All of that being said, I base the above on my direct experiences in physical meetings that are face to face. These are not remotely channeled by unseen beings or channeled by beings that do not appear in my presence physically.

Any 6th Density or higher being can appear anywhere they like by just consciously “Thinking It So”. If you are being contacted by a group that claims to be 6th+ Density and gives you excuses why they will not appear to you then it is time to become suspicious.

It is not to say you can just contact these being out of curiosity or wanting proof of other life and they will appear to you if you send out a mental signal either. That is a good way to open yourself up to negative contact and manipulation.

These 6th+ Density beings think and behave on a level that we cannot comprehend in our current density. Some take that as an insult but it is a basic truth. They do live by a Natural Law and a sort of “Prime Directive”.

There are quite a lot of lower Density Beings (3rd, 4th & 5th) that masquerade as gods and higher beings to deceive and manipulate people all of the time. They can put on quite impressive displays and end up attracting quite a few “Followers”.

Positive 6th and higher Density beings will discourage followers, religions, cults or the people they are speaking through as presenting themselves as “Guru’s”. They will work to teach you that you need to find the answers within. There are no light forces coming to save you. There are no ascended masters or ET’s that are going to come down and end the rule of the “Elite” and change the world. Beings of this level are going to encourage us to make these changes ourselves and to become apart of the process.

It is up to each of us to use our individual discernment filters and not our wishful thinking to decide what our truth will be. We are so encapsulated in our individual reality bubbles that we avoid any information that may pop them.

We need to decide if we will remain sheep or will be truly sovereign and reclaim our power of consciousness and its ability to directly effect reality. It is either that or sit back and complain, have a negative attitude (Say this can’t work) and wait for someone else to do the work.

Consciousness is the key to our freedom… Love, Forgiveness (Breaking the wheel of karma)… Focusing on becoming Service To Others will change the world and create an environment that takes advantage of the background energy that forces the lower vibrational beings to self destruct. Thus the meek shall inherit the Earth and create a new Civiization where everyone is equal. This is something we can acheive without the intervention of Savior ET’s or Human GURU’s…


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