GoodETxSG (Corey) – Q & A & some “raw” intel from other sources

Deep intel
ITREP from Deep Source(s) for June 18

(Note: This is completely raw intel from Classified sources and may or may not come to fruition. User discernment is advised. ~ Dinar Chronicles)

SITREP (Situation Report)

8:28 AM EST

Deep Source (RV/GCR):

“The Chinese have assumed control. The Admiral is no longer in the control of the situation. Fund release was scheduled last night, false intel/rumor. No reports of Cottrell fund arrival at this moment.”

Deep Source (Resistance):

“Certain individuals are being reported dead, one of them includes John Kerry. According to one report, he had died in the hospital from a fatal gun shot wound. Another individual reported dead is John Rothschild as well as several elite members of the Cabal.”

Note from Deep Source(s):

“Please note: Intel that is being provided from us to you is indeed accurate but completely raw and does have a tendency to not follow through. There is no denying that we are all in frustration and loss of patience. It is entirely a fact that intel being provided is real, but there are constant on-going activities that change the situation. This is agonizing but you mustn’t lose hope. Nothing lasts forever.”

  1. Why are some people so “triggered” & in a “reactionary” state of viciously lashing out at you & your disclosures recently? Do they have entity attachments, are they responding to programming or just pissed that you violate their personal beliefs? Some are pretty cut throat & obsessed w/discrediting you!

    I can not fully explain it myself. Some of the behavior has been truly obsessive and indeed very cut throat. I have had so many online stalkers and trolls in my short time being a whistle blower that it shocks even some of the long time researchers I speak to.

    Many people study certain material in this field like others do biblical scripture. They have very strong beliefs in “This Council” or “That Confederation” and if the information I am presenting does not line up with what they have been reading and chatting about in chat rooms for years then not only can it not be true to them but it has declared war on their deeply ensconced personal belief system.
    Other people that have been mind controlled in the past and have fallen under the spell of another person that speaks to their level so deeply that they become fiercely loyal to them. If they see a conflict between you or your info and that “ideological leader” then they come out fighting viciously.

    I have one such individual that lives in my own city that was a friend of a friend and asked to meet me. In the meeting it came up in conversation that we knew a common person that I had an issue with that they were fiercely loyal to. Since that time this person has become so obsessed with attacking me in forums and other sites (They have their own war campaign going on) and are in such a long term reactionary state to where they absolutely cannot control their behavior that I have made a policy not to meet people who live close by and request meetings.

    It is amazing how quickly people can invent things in their minds and turn on you. It is actually more than a little creepy. I have learned some lessons with people the hard way and I do admit making my own share of mistakes in the process.

    I have always been honest about my experiences and the information that I present. I try to treat everyone with respect, including those who are stalking or harassing me mostly because I know that it is tied to the protection I receive that I can negate by my own karma or actions.

    I think the answer is YES to all of the questions:

    Do they have “Entity Attachments”? Yes, obviously some of them do

    Are they responding to Programming? Yes, that is even more obvious and the “Triggered” and “Reactionary” behavior are very clear signs of a person who has been programmed.

    Or are they just pissed that you violate their personal beliefs? Yes, this is also partly from self programming and also allowing themselves to be programmed by others by following information that they allowed to become a strongly ensconced belief system.

    I do believe there is another reason people are getting so upset. I think it is that they are sick of the many failed predictions of disclosure and the end of tyranny by so many sources that they are now extremely cynical. I think this was done by design by disinformation agents for the last 10 or more years.

    Many are also so locked into the victim mind frame that they are looking for a savior and the Blue Avian message that they have to save their selves and that their consciousness development is tied to how soon they will graduate to freedom really angers them. No one wants to bare any responsibility and they all want to sit back and let someone else do what needs to be done to save them.

    They are the key to their own freedom and already have the tool and power to effect that change.

    Some people are so filled with anger and hateful emotions that the thought of winning a conflict against lower vibrational evil beings with “Love”, “Forgiveness” and by “Raising Their Vibrations/Consciousness” by focusing on becoming “Service To Others” is not only a ridiculous idea it is also a path that they cannot see themselves ever following.

    It is easy to call yourself a “Light Warrior” but walking the walk is a whole other story. It is a very difficult path and all of us who walk it struggle and stumble on it often.

    Sadly many of these people are in such deeply rooted belief systems and emotional prisons that they will remain this way until there is a “Full Disclosure” event.

    Those who have done the spiritual work beforehand will be tasked to assist these people along with the sleeping masses once this time comes.

    Q 86: David Wilcock mentions Millions of underground Zombies that have to have their heads cut off like he said about “The Parents” w/Nanite healing. Are they similar technologies? What do you know about Zombies?

    I posted information about a “Zombie Virus” and details recently leaked that the Pentagon has a 32 page Prep Guide for “Fighting Zombies” – “CONOP 8888″. I gave David some of the details I had received about the virus. This did not include these people being unstoppable and needing to be decapitated in order to kill them. I had posted some information in a thread I was doing that pretty much shows the genesis of me slowly and very wearily starting to post what I know about the SSP/Black Ops programs before I finally came out in September 2014. The link to that thread is below: (In the beginning 2013 I was trying to put out info and not reveal I was once involved in these programs, obviously that changed)—Solar-Warden—-Program-To-Protect-Solar-System&p=853551&viewfull=1#post853551

    In my report to Davide about this “Zombie Virus” it did include that it was engineered to cause people to bleed from their gums and finger nails and also cause aggressive biting and scratching from brain swelling and other neurological issues that was meant to help the virus to spread to loved ones trying to take care of them.

    The Zombie Movies and TV shows actually had a deeper purpose and were an attempt to cause people who had threatening diseases such as this zombie virus or even Ebola to be looked at as already dead or less than human so they could be killed and their bodies burned by military and civilian personnel with no public outcry.

    This was all biological and psychological warfare stuff.

    I did not supply David Wilcock with the information about millions of zombies underground in the US and EU or about the decapitation of them in order to stop them or the aerosol that is used to kill them.

    David Wilcock has DOZENS of other resources other than myself. I am far from his main or only source on black ops or secret space programs. Only some of what he reports comes from me and that is only after he has vetted that information with other sources.

    He has ran information by me that he has heard from other sources and I will tell him if it does or doesn’t sound like anything I have ran across or if it raises red flags with me and he runs information I give him through his other sources in the same manner. I was pretty shocked at how highly placed some of them are and the information they have access to.

    In the end he is his own person and researcher and has his own ideas and beliefs on issues. He goes where he feels led and nothing any one source or person says is going to influence him once he feels he has vetted the information and it doesn’t raise red flags to his intuitive nature. If he feels its the right thing to do or information to go with he does.

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