GaiaPortal 3-5-16… “Energies of the ‘Cosmic Now’ permeate Gaia planetary body”

gaiaportal_logo200The only addition I’ll make is this definition of Luminal: of or pertaining to a lumen. Lumen is a unit of luminous (light) flux.

For those wanting more detailed interpretations, I suggest going toRosalie Parker and/or Justin at SitsShow.


Energies of the ‘Cosmic Now’ permeate Gaia planetary body

Energies of the ‘Cosmic Now’ permeate Gaia planetary body

Transparencies near fulfillment.

Heavens of earlier timelines are exposed and dissolved.

Streams of Luminal flow are entered.

Kp Message 3-4-16… “Aligning with the Light in these Multi-level, Multi-vibrational times”

150731_kp_mauna_kea_sun_P1010142_crop_150_44This is not going to be a long posting. I do not care to write pages and pages of stuff that probably most won’t read anyway. I’m that way. So here is the deal…

There are times when I see these “things” being reported, in a variety of posts, articles, snips, and many of them report things like:

  • Stuff going on in the Middle East
  • Energies are rising.
  • Corey and David… so and so new disclosure piece of data, types of records are now being unveiled, Blue birds in Spheres, and SSPs, SBAs, NBAs, and NHLs.
  • Veterans Today intel about stuff going on in Syria, Turkey, Russia, take your pick.
  • Veterans Today intel about who did what, when (way-back when, and/or current when), and why the Khazarian Mafia is behind it.
  • Ben Fulford… things happening to remove the “cabal” and some kinds of dragons societies are doing their part to help humanity.
  • Stuff happening in Hawaii to bring back the Kingdom, or to mess things up (Monsanto, DOI, Na’i Aupuni, a few other things).
  • Stuff happening in Hawaii that shows progress.
  • Kp going to one of the Maunas for energy work.
  • Kp going to Volcanoes and is sending back photos of red glowing places.
  • __________________________ (fill in your own)

I have found that I am not suited to try to solve any of these things, take them on my back, get upset about them in any way shape or form, feel I need to post each and every one of them (’cause I’m a ‘blogger’, dammit!).

No matter what the deal is, my function is to remain in the Light, in the High Vibrational state, within myself… and then to place each and every thing that I post in the Light, in that High Vibrational state. Or something like that.

  • I do not have the answers to these things.
  • I am not here to intellectually figure them out.
  • I am not here to pretend I know everything about everything I post.
  • I am not here to be a “know it all”.
  • I am not here to be a “do it all”.

I am here to BE what I am… a BEing of Light.

Aloha, Kp

(now, did I actually write what the title said I’d write about?)


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