From The Federal Reserve To A New US Republic Via A Global Currency Reset

From The Federal Reserve To A New US Republic Via A Global Currency Reset

by Edward Morgan,

Events of the past week since June 17 2016

Compiled and updated on 24 June 2016 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, Author, “Twenty Two Faces,” CEO, Child Abuse Recovery.

1. On June 17 2016 US Supreme Commander, Head of the Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon and President of the new US Republic General Joseph Dunford addressed the United Nations peacekeeping summit to discuss transitioning the US military into a global force for peace. US forces would now replace corrupt and poorly trained UN peacekeeping troops who caused scandals involving rape, theft, etc. The full text of his speech can be seen here: Remarks by Ambassador Samantha Power:usun.state.gov commander-general-joseph-dunford-addresses-the-un-as-head-of-republic/

2. By June 19 2016 the Global Currency Reset was said to be held back in order to ensure financial, political and military compliance for all sovereign nations in agreement with a master plan, the schedule of which was dependent on certain world events.

3. Part of the plan for the US began to roll out in September 2015 when President Obama and Vice President Biden were said to have taped duel resignations. It was claimed that at the World Court in the Hague they had been tried and convicted of Treason against the US.

4. Head of the Vatican Bank (which was known to launder drug, arms, child and human trafficking monies for the Cabal) Pope Francis was said to have requested the resignations, along with that of Senate Leader John Boehner’s, when he was in Washington that September.

5. That same September 2015 John Boehner stepped down and Paul Ryan took over as Speaker of the House.

6. It was said that before making his decision to accept the Speaker position, Ryan was allowed to witness Obama’s resignation speech that Sept. 2015. Evidently Ryan had guarantees from ancient Chinese Elders and the BRICS nations that the following year he would be the sitting interim US Republic President at a time which not so coincidentally would coincide with a massive financial fiscal hydration.

7. Obama and Biden’s resignation speeches said to be taped last September were to be released at the exact same moment of the public announcement release of the Global Currency Reset. These events were expected before June’s end 2016, or by the July 4 2016 Independence Day celebrations.

8. These planned events were timed toserve as a natural mass media cover events for the RV to quietly come and go.

9. The plan was said to be so that Paul Ryan would have a chance to impliment economic strategies that would ensure prudent handling of the new asset and gold-backed US monetary system including implementation of a new fair share flat tax.

10. On June 21 2016 it was reported that there was an Acting US Attorney General working under the new US Republic who has been moving Supreme Court cases to private jurisdiction.

11. Evidently the US Supreme Court had quietly added 500 Re-entry Courts to review case law. Acting for the SCOTUS, a number of those cases had already overruled US Supreme Court decisions:

12. Although the Treasurer of US had always been part of the US Corporation in Peurto Rico, now that position was held by General Dunford out of Reno Nevada.

13. It was the intention of the new US Republic to implement most lines in the NESARA law passed by Congress years ago, but had been held up by corrupt politicians. Those lines concerned zeroing out credit card, mortgage and other bank debt, abolishing the US income tax system and creating a 14% flat tax on non-essential new items, plus returning courts and legal matters to Constitutional Law.

14. Evidently on Sunday June 19 2016 the Chinese approached other world leaders who had joined BRICS. All had agreed that the world nations would put an embargo against the US if Obama continued his threats to hold up the Global Currency Reset.

15. In order for the Global Currency Reset to take place three things had to be in place: A. The Chinese Yuan had to become a part of the world reserve currency basket. That decision was made Oct. 2015.

B. The new USN/TRN’s had to be released. We are told those new currencies were printed and being stored in warehouses around the country. That news conference could come any day.

C. The cabal controllers, primarily the Rothschilds, had to come to a point of surrender or agreement to step aside. Based on reports, that was in the process of taking place.

16. The creation of a domestic US currency was coinciding with a planned reboot of the global financial system. As the Rothschild family contact said in mid-June 2015:“Each new district will have their own reserves, for their new currency. Each district will be part of a basket of Asian currencies that are backed with various commodities.”

17. A separate senior Rothschild source told a WDS member in Europe that their family would come through the current troubles intact “after making some adjustments” but that the Bush and Rockefeller factions were in much deeper trouble because of their association with the Illuminati and plans of the New World Order.

18. The Illuminati appeared to have admitted that their ISIS campaign failed, though remaining ISIS fighters were expected to struggle to the last.

19. A senior Chinese government source affiliated with the Shanghai faction said his understanding of the districts was that the current five permanent members of the UN security council; China, France, Russia, the UK and the US, would be replaced by representatives from seven regional groupings: Africa, Asia outside of China, China, India, Europe including Russia, the Muslim world, plus North and South America.

20. Pentagon sources confirmed the recent Paris Climate Change Accord which …

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