Former Canadian Defense Minister Explains the Bankster Takeover

In this video Luke Rudkowski sits down with former Canadian Minister of Defense and accomplished politician Paul Hellyer. Paul breaks down very important historical events that allowed the banker mafia to take over the Canadian monetary system.

Brand new interview: Paul Hellyer gives Luke Rudkowski from “We Are Change” an excellent background on the banking system in Canada, pinpointing where, when and how it was hijacked by the banksters.

Paul also references the SIGNIFICANT part Canada played in the second World War, which is rarely if ever mentioned in an American version of history. “Allies” means more than one faction was involved, of course, but you’d never know it from some accounts, LOL.

Paul’s audio is low, so you’ll have to crank it up to hear him, but at 91 years young he’s still kickin’ up dust in the Truther movement—even writing books—like his “Money Mafia”.

Thanks, Luke. Nice work, and Paul, keep doing what you’re doing.  ~ BP

Published on 27 Jan 2015


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