For those interested… ABC News 1-25-17… “President Trump: The White House Interview”

trump_abc_interview_170125_snip[Kp update: thanks to SC (in NZ) who provided a YouTube link for the complete interview.]

The link to the videos is:

The link to the transcript is:

I watched the entire interview (ABC News Roku app; thank God no need to hear commercials!!) and all I will say here is that I still know that he is the right person for the job that needs to be done for this planet in this now moment.

MM alert (MM = Media Manipulation): the title ABC News chose to go with is, “Trump ‘Absolutely’ Thinks Waterboarding Works”, when in context he stated that he would leave that up to his “generals” (Mattis and Pompeo). That was a very small part of the interview. Maybe less than a minute. It appears ABC is using that headline to try to portray him as a “torture president”. More MSM manipulation, in my view.

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