First We Foreclose on the Cabal’s Activities; Documents Have Been Processed

I aim to support what Cindy is doing. Please watch this video from beginning to end.

Many of us are well aware of this, but others are not. We must all have an open mind as we commit to understanding the true history of this planet and how we arrived in this horrific mess.

So many have tried and given their lives to expose the ugly truth. So far, their efforts have almost been in vain.

We need to let everyone know what has transpired. With so many unaware of the truth, we cannot move forward. Personally, I stand behind what Cindy is saying as I know it to be truth.

What the world doesn’t know is shocking and unpleasant beyond words, but it is time to face it and get to work to correct what went wrong.  We can no longer allow the masses to bury their heads in the sand. We’re going to take a quantum leap forward, very soon.

Three years ago when I started this blog, I shared The Watcher Files. I found it fascinating—and believable.  Cindy references this below and you can read my old posts by doing a search if you wish.

You will have to watch the videos she references via the links given. They will not play here.~ BP


Published on 22 Apr 2015

Phil Schneider’s story is validated by contemporary scientists and researchers. A plan to fix America is in the works.………

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