Finland ready to experience the end of work

Juha Sipila, Finnish politician and entrepreneur, has risen to the post
of prime minister from May 29
this year.

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Finland ready to experience the end of work
WSI | Posted July 21, 2015 | 13:29 Now

Form of universal income would be the first time in Europe. It might even get a thousand Euros per month, making the use a “lifestyle choice”.

HELSINKI (WSI) – The Scandinavian countries are known throughout the world for a functioning welfare system that protects those who are out of work while not placing an undue burden on the public debt.

No one would have thought, however, that a government – to come to the center right – could go that far. The bill announced by the new Prime Minister Juha Sipila, in office since the end of May, is an example quite unique in Europe. Never before has a government had put forward a plan for a minimum income so high and so far-reaching.

A universal income of up to 1,000 Euros for all citizens, regardless of their age or social situation, make the work a “lifestyle choice”. It is sufficient to lead a modest life, but completely devoted to leisure and personal interests, in addition to the duties of family and bureaucratic.

Despite recent economic difficulties, Helsinki has a per capita GDP higher than that of Germany or France. The ratio of debt to GDP is 59.3%. Nine years earlier was 41.7%. The country has become one of the rich and virtuous in the euro.

The program would be possible thanks to the fact that in Finland all pay taxes and also thanks to sharply cut the number of public officials in charge of social programs. The idea is to use a large proportion of resources allocated to social security and welfare, and replace them with a universal minimum income.

The project, a utopia called  perverse by critics, is supported by most of the political parties. Some evoke a basic salary lower, at around € 500, but there are those who like the liberals who would like to get to 850 to 1,000 Euros.

At first, the basic income would be introduced in the regions that have unemployment rates higher. If successful, the initiative would be exported elsewhere.

The percentage of unemployed nationwide, despite a robust economy, is high at 9%. With the measures the government hopes to reduce social problems, gaining some popularity at home but also abroad.


Main source: Suomenmaa


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