Final results of the election… “Did the Alliance just give a ‘Grand Middle Finger’ to the Cabal?”

Here’s the deal… I was talking with someone earlier today about the election results, and as we spoke it occurred to me that the voting tallies (as they stood earlier today) may just have (synchronistically? on purpose?) contained a message. Let me explain.

I noticed from early on this morning, that although Trump had enough electoral votes to win, Clinton had a higher popular vote. So I checked later today, and found this at Bloomberg (see image above). It shows:

Trump: 279 electoral votes, 59,611,678 popular votes
Clinton: 228 electoral votes, 59,814,018 popular votes (presumably, the “cabal” choice)

So Trump won the electoral, but “lost” by 200,000 popular votes (at the time this was published).

Now, remember back in the year 2000? Didn’t something similar happen in thatpresidential election? Yes it did. Checking Wikipedia here, it shows:

Gore: 266 electoral votes, 50,999,897 popular votes
GWB*: 271 electoral votes, 50,456,002 popular votes (presumably, the “cabal” choice)

So GWB won the electoral, but “lost” by over 500,000 popular votes.

Thus, what HIT me, was that this very likely could be the Alliance subtly saying to the cabal, “Enjoy this taste of your own medicine!” Or, as the title implies,

“The Alliance has (perhaps) just given a
‘Grand Middle Finger’
to the cabal.”

* In case you’ve forgot, “George W. Bush”

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