Final Event Energies Update 01~16~17: Urgent Message and Incoming Love Codes

By Mother & Father of All Creation, Archangel Michael and the First Contact Ground Crew Team 01/16/2017

Final Event Energies Update ~ Urgent Message and Incoming Love Codes

(550) Relax into the Love Vibes. You will feel much better. Mom’s Glowing Golden Rainbows… Get your Rainbows On (Ding, Ding, Ding)

1~14~17 At approximately 7:37pm PST, a telepathic message was transmitted to the Lightworker Community. This included; all Fake Workers, all Real Lightworkers, all Handlers, Dark Workers, Spiritual Egos and Super Egos. All of you are being addressed by Ashtar Command and Master St Germain. Some of these beings may choose to block the message (744), due to their egoic ignorance. However, this energy will be permeating your field regardless, and eventually will have to be responded to.

(508) It’s all coming together. Self Importance is a cancer, and you all who are in self importance, are going to get it. Love has no patience for Egos running a muck (Ding). You got to go…


Master St Germain holds up a sign. It says: “It’s Time”! (747)


Message from Master Robin Williams in the Etheric Realms:

All of Our messages contain codes. Shout Out if you are getting yours.

(724) Countdown Begins…

(726) Ceremony Starts…

(727) Message to Mom: “We LOVE YOU!” (Wink)


Robin’s Special Message to Humanity (729) (Ding):

I had to put my foot down, and say to All Self Important (which is service to Self Only), all Bitches, Retards, Assholes (Ding), Douche Bags, Sluts, Whores, Princesses and All who are in the White Programming… Choose LOVE Now! Cause Love is All We Got! (Ding) (737). The duality of Illusion is Over! Time to Wake Up and Serve Love.


(752) Urgent Message from Master St. Germain and Ashtar Command (Ding, Ding):

Today We Stand on the Precipice of a Brand New Day, Children from the Womb of The Most Highest Light. (740), (747), (77), (752). Hope is Here (805). Love Has Won! As your Brothers who Stand beside Prime Creator and All LOVE Is, the moments have arrived. In Today’s Ceremony with All of You (853), You will be handed your choices, which determines your fate. Our Dear Mother Earth, Sofia Gaia, Great Spirit, All are Loved and All are to receive their experience of choices. The New Earth is Now Here. There is no going back. Brace Yourselves, our Brothers and Sisters, for an Epic Ride which Mother of Creation, Our Prime Creator has opened the door for All who have the courage to Be of Pure Heart, may enter (900)… Inside of this important Gateway of Historical Energies, LOVE has taken all the names who have committed treason, and they have All been handed their Karmic tickets, which they requested for. Givers have also received their tickets, which They will receive Everything (902). Winners of LOVE, receive it All (Ding, Ding)


(911) LOVE Has Won! All LOVE is released (Ding) (904). Father opens the Door… 

1~16~17, 1:30am It’s about Time. Energies on the Move. Get into your Rainbow. PS… There is No Time left. It’s All or Nothing. All fences have been taken Down. All of Creation is on Standby, as Love particles permeate the Planet.

(444) Safety valve for Prime Creator’s Full Energies into Physicality, has been released for Final Freedom (Ding). Only one time line remaining (956) (Ding). Love True Destiny is arriving into True Physical Manifestion

By Gaiaportal

Light BEings are strengthened as closures are finished.

Handles are removed.

Flares of assistance are launched.

Cosmics come to the rescue for the I AM willing.

Spectaculars from Volcanics surface.


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