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1. Can anyone be hypnotized?

Yes hypnosis is for everyone and anyone can be hypnotized!

When people first hear of hypnosis the natural reaction is to think “I can’t be hypnotized.” Most people have been misinformed about Hypnosis and believe that one most enter a trance-like state to a) be hypnotized and to b) achieve success with hypnosis. This is not the case.

Hypnosis is natural state of consciousness that everyone moves in and out of throughout the day. Many of the daily activities you perform actually take place in a state of hypnosis without you realizing it.

There are various states of hypnosis, the lightest state being the Alpha level which is easily achieved.

Alpha is also the state you’re in when you aren’t fully conscious, yet you’re not completely unconscious. You experience this state when you are waking up or right before you fall asleep.

Surprisingly, a person in Alpha state is 200 times more suggestible compared to a person who is fully awake in the Beta state.

This is the state you’re in when you are reading a great book, watching TV, playing video games and even driving a car. Do you remember the feeling you had the last time you drove for an extended period of time?

You’re relaxed and aware of the important things yet you’ve tuned out the stimuli that’s not important. All of your focus is on the road. You’re in a responsive state and you have the ability to focus on things around you if needed. For example, you can focus on cars passing you or the beautiful scenery that surrounds you.

Another example is someone working on a computer or playing video games. They are focused on the screen in front of them but are able to respond to phone calls or questions from those around them.

As you read this article right now, you’re actually in a state of hypnosis. A light Alpha hypnosis trance to be exact. In the Alpha state your mind is slowing down, your begin to breath slowly and you narrow your focus.

Since you’ve most likely played a video game, spent time on a computer or driving in a car you have in fact experienced a hypnosis.

Now that you have a better understanding of hypnosis, you realize that it is very possible and *natural* for everyone to experience hypnosis and that to be hypnotized does not mean to be in a trance-like, almost unconscious state.

 2- How is hypnosis useful?

Hypnosis is the ultimate tool for harnessing the power of the mind-body connection. Contrary to the popular belief that an individual under hypnosis is under someone else’s power, hypnosis enables an individual to relax both mind and body. We can all do this naturally. Ever been driving your car for a distance only to “come to” and realize you haven’t been thinking about your driving or your journey at all because your conscious mind has been absorbed by thoughts totally unconnected with driving? If you have experienced this, then you have put yourself into hypnosis! The good news is that in this state of hypnosis, you will have been driving to a very high level of performance. The reason is that once we have learnt how to do something, this is then stored in the subconscious mind – hence you can still drive perfectly well without consciously thinking about it. Hypnosis occurs whenever the conscious mind is focused on something and then the subconscious mind is open and highly alert.

Sports hypnosis can be of particular benefit to:

  • Building Confidence
  • Managing Emotions
  • Increasing Motivation
  • Improving Concentration & Focus
  • Overcoming Mental Blocks
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Competition Nerves
  • Sports Injuries

3. What happens if I fall asleep listening to a hypnosis audio?

A very common question we receive is “what happens if I fall asleep while listening to a hypnosis track?”

You’ll be happy to know that much research has been conducted around this subject and that hypnosis is still effective even if you listen while sleeping.

Research has found that your ears listen while you sleep. Similar to how a surveillance camera is always on the job, your ears remain open at all times and constantly take in information. When we sleep there is a part of our brain that is always alert and that’s why loud noises and disturbances wake us up.

Thankfully, the fact that our brain is always alert and our ears are always taking in noise is very beneficial for hypnosis. Whether you are fully awake or sound asleep, your subconscious mind will process all of the information it receives.

4. What if I’m too intelligent for hypnosis?

Many people believe that if they’re smart and intelligent that hypnosis won’t work on them. In fact, the opposite is known to be true.

It’s very common for people with a below-average IQ to have difficulties entering a state of hypnosis.

Geniuses, on the other hand, naturally function at a state close to Alpha level allowing them to easily enter into a state of hypnosis.

5. What if I go into a hypnotic trance and I can’t “come out of it” or wake up?

Fortunately for everyone, this is impossible and will never happen. A small percent of the population (10%) are referred to as “somnambulists”. These people go into a very deep, trance-like state where they seem to “black out”. They will not consciously remember a hypnosis session without the hypnotherapist suggesting they remember it. Even the “somnambulists” of the world wake up at the end of a hypnosis session.

The average person will experience a light hypnosis state (Alpha) where they are relaxed, focused and completely aware of what’s happening.

6. Do I have to use headphones when listening to the audio recordings?

Headphones are not mandatory for listening to hypnosis tracks. This is a choice you can make based on your personal preferences.

7. Do I have to listen to your hypnotherapy recordings at night?

I have many different types of hypnosis tracks designed with different uses in mind.

Some tracks are specifically designed for daytime use while others are designed for evening use. You can choose to listen to an evening track during the day, but be sure to set an alarm clock because there are suggestions in the track to put you to sleep.



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