Eyes Wide Open…As We Approach The End

August 19, 2015
(Posted @Galactic Connection, compiled by Rique Seraphico).

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We are headed into a Global Monetary Meltdown with our Eyes Wide Open. Hundreds of thousands of people in Brazil hit the streets today to protest their corrupt leaders and this is just the beginning. Watch what happens in the US when the banks come begging for another bailout after the September crash!!

Again – we have seen it coming from a mile away and we are much better educated about everything related to bank bailouts. Simply put, we were not ready to stand up to them in 2008 so we backed down.
Since then we have been put on a crash course on topics such as manipulated markets, the Federal Reserve System, the attempts to take our Liberties and our

Rights to own a gun to protect ourselves FROM OUR GOVERNMENT! All this knowledge will come in handy the next time they come begging on the floor of Congress. This time the answer will be NO!

Don’t believe me? This is what US Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson had to do last time when he “begged” for a bailout…HE LITERALLY BEGGED ON ONE KNEE TO THE CONGRESS!!!

Link: http://www.cbsnews.com/ne…/paulson-warns-of-fragile-economy/

There’s not a chance in the world another bailout will be given. We the People know too much now.

The coming weeks will be very, very frightening to those who are still in the system but it will be nothing compared what we will face at the end of September and the beginning of October.
Buckle up!!

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