ET Disclosure, Putin, the Galactics and More from David Boyle with Maarten Horst

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I’m only 25 minutes into this interview but I’m so into it I wanted to share right away. I have enjoyed all Maarten’s programs in the past and this is particularly timely as we sit on pins and needles about ET disclosure.

David discusses key events, and provides some details we may be very interested in hearing with respect to the announcement Putin suggested he would be making, and the very real possibility that cabal’s nuclear threats may have squelched that press conference. I know. Not what we wanted to hear—not AGAIN!  So let’s intend that it DOES come about NOW. It’s time. 

There’s a lot more fascinating info here on various aspects of reality, too. Enjoy the interview.  ~ BP

Uploaded March 21, 2015


 Published on 21 Mar 2015

Accurate, insightful, complete information about current world affairs regarding possible UFO / ET Disclosure from the Kremlin, DEFCON 3 in the USA, and how the Galactics met with President Putin. Also, Sacred Geometry is discussed and the nature of Vortexes in nature, Chakras, Galaxies and a lot more.

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