Elohim of Peace speaking of “Precipitation – A Naturally Used Power on Lemuria and Atlantis”


In your outer consciousness you do not remember, but We remember well the glorious perfection which was once this Earth when the Archangel Michael first reigned here. During the days of the perfection of light’s dominion on Lemuria, when every man, woman and child wielded the powers of Precipitation and Etherialization just as easily as you draw breath today, at each meal time the patriarch of every household sat with his family around him and their table was spread with every good and perfect thing in the way of food and drink for the sustaining of the health and perfection of their bodies, minds and world. When the meal was finished, the mistress of the house, by the use of the power of Etherialization, removed the remains of the meal and the vessels used for its serving, without the raising of a hand. At that time, also, the ladies of the household created garments of beauty and perfection for the entire family by the use of their own thought and feeling centers and exercised the power of Precipitation by following through Its Seven Steps (*We are going to study them next days). At this time, of course, all the energies of the soul-life of the people were devoted to the worship of God and expanding the borders of His Kingdom. On Atlantis, to a more limited degree, that same perfection existed in the Temples of Precipitation. In many of the more highla developed civilizations of the past, this activity of conscious, instantaneous Precipitation was the daily way of life of the people but why did this perfection not endure? Why? Because they lost the power of sustained Peace!

Now, again, you who have given your interest and your life to the activities of the Seventh Ray represented by Our Beloved Saint Germain, are slowly but surely emerging from the mire of human creation and limitation. We are endeavoring to build again a great foundation for this World Movement; trying to make of each of you a mighty pillar of Violet Fire. But, I can tell you here and now that, unless you hold uninterrupted Peace as separate individuals and collective units – no matter how perfectly you build (nor with what perfect substance), you would have but ash in the end as long as there was still within the consciousness of any worker the disintegrating radiations of the “seven mortal sins” and all their ramification.

To you who are Sanctuary and Group Directors, as well, of course, as to any sincere student who will ask Me for it, I shall give you My feeling of Peace but be sure you guard that Peace in your own individuals feelings, in your homes and in all your activities – if you want sustained perfection.

The Seven Mighty Elohim speak
The Bridge to Freedom
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