Dramatic Escalation in Earth Changes: Mt. Sakurajima in Japan

Is this stuff hitting the lamestream media? I don’t know, because I don’t look at it. At all. If I can help it.

I suspect Earth changes will not enter the consciousness of most people unless it jumps up and smacks them in the face—and we may be close to that stage.

I hope these monumental shifts and expulsions indicate that Gaia is indeed lifting herself up, and us with her.  

Mount Sakurajima isn’t a newly awakened volcano, as she has demanded our attention for a few years now, but she’s more than awake–she’s shakin’ her booty.  ~ BP

————————————————————————————————————————The energetic shift of the Earth is facilitated by its harmonic connections with the Sun, a synchronistic process of entrainment. We have been covering this extensively and have several posts which describe the science involved.

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volcanoThe media and society has conditioned us to think these things can only be seen as catastrophic and horrible, but when we consider the staggering amount of data suggesting an energetic shift, the so called Event, it is actually an indication things are getting close. Ultimately consciousness and our ability to ride the waves of change are part of this process, and there is a profound amount of scientific data to confirm that when this shift occurs, life as we know it will be greatly enhanced. There is nothing to fear, but fear itself.

More Signs of The Energetic Shift: 85+ Volcanic Blasts in One Day!

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