Drake’s Take on Jade Helm 15; Special Guests Tanaath and Chloe

rp_10417528_160186170823220_4914390662957463708_n.jpgI wanted to hear what Drake had to say about Jade Helm 15 so I tuned in last night to his show on BlogTalk. I also learned there was a special show on Saturday, March 28th to inform us what Jade Helm is about.

I want to mention a patriot working with the National Liberty Alliance, Steven Dean, who was arrested on trumped up charges in Utah last week who needs our help. Please see the bottom of this post for details.

I hope this update on Jade Helm will allay the fears so many have about this operation. We’ve had confirmation from Cobra and Benjamin Fulford that everything is under control and the takedown of the cabal is underway on all fronts; financial, corporate, political and in the skies.

On Saturday, March 28th Drake and Thomas had an impromptu show to bring people up to speed on Jade Helm as it went viral and people were alarmed at the drills taking place, wondering if they’d go live.

I must say it was a beautiful, inspirational program with Prime Commander Tanaath of the Silver Legion and Chloe guesting and providing support and their perspective. I’m sorry I’m not familiar with Chloe but both she and Tanaath have “Canadian accents”. Not that we have an accent, LOL.

Drake said his non-classified but confidential info confirms that these practices/exercizes will be held on private land, and since the majority of the largest, open, private land in the USA is in the southwest, this justifies the choice.

There is no intention whatsoever that anything is planned involving acts against the American people. They will not be operating in towns.

There will be volunteers for extractions from homes, blanks only in guns, etc.

These sorts of things are usually a two-way street, and he said it is the ideal situation to actually remove some of the undesirables in the US government.

They will also practice landing helicopters, disembarking from choppers, Humvees, etc. It is a practice drill and he is satisfied from his trusted intelligence sources that it is what they present—or possibly even better.

He says we should be excited—not afraid. He says there is, of course, always the opportunity for the operation to get derailed, but if it does, it will be addressed immediately.

If you would like to listen to the Saturday show, click this link. It’s a 90 minute special edition—and it was special, in my eyes. I’m really glad I listened because I felt the cameraderie of the Cosmic Voice gang, Drake, Thomas, Tanaath and Chloe—and less isolated.

Tanaath reminded us that most current events have two tails and can either be positive or negative. The cabal is skilled at getting us to believe something is negative, when it is actually very positive for The People. They are trying to keep us distracted and in fear, and divided, spatting amongst ourselves over trivial matters rather than uniting in a positive, powerful stance that will help us weather the storm.

 She said the negative timelines we thought existed prior to December 21, 2012 are no longer valid and our own free will has never mattered more than it does right now. What we think about and what we do, no matter how trivial it may seem, is sculpting our future in every moment.

What we think, believe and fear are creating future events so we need to snap out of it! We have a choice how we show up. Stay out of fear, and know that whatever the cabal attempts to push on us will not work in their favour and will usually backfire. The more they push, the more the Universe pushes back.  They have not been able to bring about many of the things they threatened to do years ago.

We were chosen to be here now because we are the warriors. We are strong enough to handle this or we wouldn’t be here. We will soon be called upon to fill leadership roles—both small and large. We are here to set the example for those who will look to us to find their way out of what will probably be a very frightening situation when the final act begins.

This radio program was a reminder to prepare, as we were instructed to do several years ago; to ground ourselves in a state of calm, and to ensure we have on hand the necessities to get us (and extra for others) through a period of potential chaos and unrest, even possible rioting when the banks close, if we are unable to get gasoline, food, medication and daily necessities for a couple of weeks or so. We can make things worse, or we can make things better.

from the Show on Wednesday, April 1st, 2015…

Drake got to it right off the top, with some additional comments later in the three hour show.

As I mentioned in another post, “War of the Worlds” proved that it doesn’t take much to incite panic in the masses so there will be no announcements to the public about Jade Helm.

His sources say that “Jade Helm is a cover in some ways for other things”. As I suspected, there have already been “snatches and grabs nationwide of certain individuals who didn’t go about things correctly, or who were on the verge of that.” Drake’s words.

What better way to get our troops out there and rounding up the bad guys, Drake asked, than to have this formal plan in plain sight and organized across the country?

It IS a practice drill for martial law, he said, but the patriots are watching very carefully—with eyes everywhere—to ensure this operation is not hijacked by the cabal’s military.

At about the 74 minute mark, Drake said the militias are on full alert, and that their numbers are about 50 million, but may not be needed. He says about half of their members are the specialists who are tired of just training militias and want to DO something.  If the plan goes south, Drake will notify us via his blog and an emergency broadcast and  the various state militia units will go into action.

If you would like to listen for yourself, following are the links to the player.

From Drake’s Facebook page, Cosmic Voice:

Here is the archive of tonight’s April 1st show with Drake and your host Thomas Williams. Show involved an epic piece written by Anna Von Reitz.  [If you don’t understand what happened to America and/or would like to read the document for yourself, you can read it at Drake’s American National Militia website.]

I hope you all enjoyed the show.


Steven Dean Illegally Arrested in Utah

 Sat, 03/28/2015 – 10:23
jburgs53's picture


Brief statement of the issue:

Steven Dean is a member of National Liberty Alliance (NLA) and is running for Public Office as a “Common Law Sheriff” in Utah.

He was arrested last night, Friday, March 27, 2015, and brought to a jail in Salt Lake City, Utah.

When we called jail to find out the details, his jailer, Sgt. Hansen, admitted that the warrant she had for his arrest WAS NOT SIGNED BY A JUDGE.

These are the crimes of “False Arrest and False Imprisonment”.

Action step requested:

Please call the jail. Ask for Sgt. Hansen and/or her immediate supervisor, Lt. Jared Jarvis, at telephone, 801-851-4302, and state, “You must immediately release Steven Dean, because without a judge’s signature on the warrant you are committing a crime”.

We need as many phone calls as possible. If you want to call from a pay phone, anonymously, that is OK. All you have to say is that you are concerned, and demand his immediate release.

Please do not accept their bogus excuses. Without a judge’s signature on the warrant, without sworn oaths on which to base the warrant, his jailer, Sgt. Hansen is directly responsible for the crimes of false arrest and false imprisonment. DEMAND HIS IMMEDIATE RELEASE.

More details:

Steven Dean was able to call a friend, who went down the jail immediately, but, was not permitted to see him. His friend called Eric, from National Liberty Alliance’s (NLA) Courtroom Observers Network. Two NLA members, Eric and Lidya, called the jail and got Sgt. Hansen to admit that the warrant was not signed by a judge. We are working on getting to John Darash NLA Leader, our sworn affidavits (with irrefutable hard evidence to back them up), as soon as possible, and are working to get phone calls and people down to the jail, to demand Steven Dean’s immediate release.

The point person on this is Eric from NLA’s Courtroom Observer’s Network. Please do not flood Eric with phone calls, as he needs to keep his phone lines clear to coordinate emergency action steps.


I am sure that Eric and John Darash will have an update on the regular Monday night call.

Thank you for your prompt action,
Lidya Radin, 516-445-4390, cell
Jayson Burg, 201-240-5351, cell Reposter


That was the initial post. Several updates followed at the NLA website. Please see the Source link to learn the current situation. If you are drawn to assist Steven please do so.  ~ BP

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