Drake’s Take for June 10th, 2015

My, my how things get twisted. Someone sent my rant about the meeting with the “human elite” to Corey and it’s now been blown completely out of proportion and judgement has set in.

I never said a thing about DOING anything to these people. That is for the higher powers. All I said is that I will not negotiate with murderers. They most certainly will get what they deserve.

And if you think there aren’t going to be riots on this planet before all is said and done, you are far more optimistic than I. But it won’t be about stringing up the cabal. We shall see.

As a matter of fact, Thomas Williams dropped a couple of bombshells during the show that I will share here, and one refers to Corey’s accounts of his interactions with the Sphere Alliance & Blue Avians.

Thank you Drake and Thomas for your passion and dedication to truth, justice and freedom.

There is a great deal of information shared in three hours, so I’ll keep it as short as possible as I have more information I want to get out ASAP.

One of the biggest issues on this planet, and particularly in America right now, is apathy.

Drake got new information recently and there is a great deal of activity going on behind the scenes. He is not going to overlook all the military activity, such as the large volumes of equipment moving from secluded areas nearer to cities, for example.

The overall theme of the show was, again, “Stand Up”. Drake, himself, is putting together some teams who will take action to do some extractions. He is looking for some younger people, too; not only the older folks.

He said he is not, based on his observations of what is going on, going to take the advice to simply overlook what the military are doing. He says there are a number of serious problems and they are about to come to a head.

Reports say there are 750,000 – 1.2 million foreign troops on the ground and UN and military vehicles everywhere.

He says he is going underground, putting some teams together and plans to remove some of the guilty parties to a location where they will remain, unable to do any more harm, until such time as they will be dealt with officially. This activity will be happening in many different places.

Perhaps this is a good time to share the news Thomas Williams revealed at the top of the second hour. He has his sources and I see Thomas as a tremendous asset to Drake’s team. He does his own research and is calm and factual.

In a previous show, Thomas told us that the Galactics have leveled the playing field. The deadly technologies the globalists used to threaten us have been removed. It’s now human against human.

Yesterday, Thomas began with, “in the next four to six months, we will be seeing things we’ve never seen before” and it will be the most difficult time of our lives. What will be happening in 6 months will rock this planet; some of it some very good—and it will be even better if Americans stand up.

War has never come to American soil, and he hopes it won’t have to, but Americans have to do what needs to be done. No one is going to come and save us.

There are 3 million militia and only 525 Congressmen. He says we can play a part in peacefully doing to politicians and their families, what they have done to us; make them uncomfortable and make it apparent that we know what has been going on and remind them they have a duty to answer to us and represent us.

We can make it difficult for them to lead their daily lives and let them know we’re not going away. Thomas feels that action such as this could turn things around and we may not need to go to war.

A lot of people ask questions about the Dracos, Reptilians, Sphere Alliance, the Blue Avians… and Drake said not to spend so much time on the off-world stuff and start pay more attention to what’s going on down here.

The solution is to remove the puppets who do the bidding of their masters rather than The People.

If there was war, it would not be bloodless. There would probably be 10% casualties on both sides.

Thomas began the third hour with some astounding information from his contact who he may bring on the show at a later date. He just received clearance to share this.

He said the head of the control system is leaving the planet. The Dracos have been instructed and are willing to relinquish control this fall.

Everyone on Earth will witness this leaving because it will involve the technology associated with them; i.e. the veils, the lattice work, etc. and it will be a major event.

He said one son in the Anunnaki family was left behind to deal with the mess remaining here and he’s not happy about it. He either tried to escape or to get off-world help but was blocked and is now paying the consequences. Those involved with preventing that are now stronger than ever.

The parents are mostly “humanish” and control the puppets. Twenty-one of them had a major earth-based meeting on or about the 29th of May and 11 of them walked out. They were not going to go along with the tyranny any longer.

Only ten, plus the son, are left and work is ongoing. They are attempting to convince the other 10 that enough is enough.

There are 13 top covens, and another 13 below that. The groups are more fractured than ever before and turning on each other.

They and the lower echelon puppets are in more turmoil than at any time in the past 13,000 years, and know they will be paying for their crimes.

The most astonishing news was this: the soul traps and soul cubes were removed—permanently. No more reincarnation.

No more implants. The plasma weapons technology is gone. A major cloning station is gone, but others remain.

This is the final showdown, and we’re only dealing with the remnants.

Further discussions continue with Thomas’s contact and he will share more information if and when he gets it.

These MAJOR things took place for our benefit, and NOW THE ONUS IS ON US TO STAND UP AND DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE.

The Galactics cannot intervene because the majority of Earthlings have not shown that they are adults and can take responsibility for their planet and their well-being.

People have not complained that they object to the tyranny. Apathy is rampant. Things will not change until people take the situation in their own hands and show they do not go along with the status quo. It cannot continue if we refuse to go along willingly.

The only exception to the non-interference is if Gaia herself—the conscious Being of our planet—is in danger.

And if that happens, it will delay our transition. (ascension)

When the Dracos leave, it will be the first time in at least 13,000 years that Humanity has had the opportunity to stand on their own two feet and run things without having a tyrannical system in place to dictate what to do and how to do it.

Thomas said he will have to hold onto the bad news for now.

Then he got to the Sphere Alliance and Blue Avians.

Note from BP: The first time I shared Corey’s information on Starship Earth, I mentioned discernment, because he is a super soldier, and many super soldiers have memories of experiences that are not their own. I have heard the accounts of other super soldiers and highly doubted some of their “memories” as being their own actual experiences. They were really out there.

That being said, Thomas responded first about the Sphere Beings. He said there ARE blue spheres, but they are just spheres.

The Blue Avians that people are reportedly interacting with are artificial intelligence (AI), a simulation program, broadcast as a signal like a story in people’s heads.

It was used for those who had a desire for ET contact and have the saviour complex, who believe others will come to save us.

It was designed to confuse people and they never suspected people would try it and report it as fact. No one is coming to save us.

This is not to suggest that Corey is bogus. He believes what he shares, but Corey IS a super soldier, and they are prone to this program, all of them; that is why they were created—so they could be controlled and given information they believe is coming from their higher self and would act according to their masters’ bidding.

Many super soldiers have as many as 7–12 split personalities.

We don’t know which is the real Corey at times because Corey doesn’t even know. He believes he is telling us what he experienced.

End of notes from the show.

Note from BP: There is no fault here, although I am sure that those emotional, loyal humans who believe everything Corey says happened and desire the Blue Avians to be real, will have a problem with this information and the sticks and stones will fly.

Internet Truthers seem to thrive on stirring up drama and accusations about who is right and who is wrong and who said what to whom. It’s juvenile, if you ask me.

I’m well aware how this reflects on Corey, and David Wilcock. We need to set our egos aside and deal with reality and the challenges at hand.

Every messenger we have has probably been given disinfo to share. I don’t think it’s wise to invest in every word someone tells us. Even though a messenger is trustworthy, we need to use discernment, and we’ve all been fooled.

The good news is, we are free to believe whatever we choose. It doesn’t mean it’s true.

Let us not allow our differences divide us to the point we are working at cross-purposes and can’t unite to get the job done.

It’s not about who is right and who is wrong or placing blame or shooting the messenger; it’s about learning the truth, accepting the truth, acting like adults, taking responsibility for the mess we’re in and taking action to set things right, since we are partially to blame for believing our masters in the first place and doing nothing to correct the problem.

Now we have no excuse for doing nothing. Like Thomas said, it’s Human against Human at this point. Do we want our transition? How badly?

There is SOMETHING each of us can do to move this process forward. We must figure out how our talents can add to this process and how we can be a part of this exciting movement.  What we do NOW could preclude the need for a civil war.

We need to work together, and WORK at working together, rather than slinging arrows because someone says something we don’t like or don’t agree with. Humanity needs to grow up. The Universe is watching.

Here is the link and a player for the archive of last night’s show. I think it would be a good idea for everyone reading this to hear it for themselves. I listened twice and took notes so I could present it as accurately as possible because I believe it’s important.

Listen to the show here:





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