Dragon Family Final Ultimatum To The Illuminati Cabal & The Pope Surrender or DIE! Kev Baker

Well, this is the one thousand “final ultimatum” blah, blah, blah…. Do not even spend your time to listen it because it will be another one in a few weeks and so. With more excuses, like “we did not realize the cabal is so baddd (poor us idiots…). What the heck are we doing here, playing kids games with dragons or so. … Just my 2 cents opinion.


Published on Jan 5, 2015

Ambassador Of Red Dragon Family Returns To Expose ILLUMINATI CABAL & THE POPE…LIVE

This is the follow up interview that so many of you have been craving…

The representative of the Red Dragon Family, The Ambassador, returns to Th Kev Baker Show to tell us what lies (I say more lies) ahead in 2015.

The Ambassador talks of signs that have appeared in the skies that are said to be the forerunner for the return of the Dragon!

One piece of truth the Ambassador has in his possession of photographic evidence of potential ANNOUNAKI MUMMY

Ron Van Dyke joins the broadcast to share his message to the Jesuit Pope and tells him to end war and free humanity!

This is the year we must FREE HUMANITY. Hear what the Ambassador has to say about how we break out of tyranny!


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