Dr. Simon Atkins/ Wave X Expert on The Naked Truth with Kelli In The Raw

Streamed live on Sep 10, 2015

Sunrise or sunset greetings wherever you may be!

Thanks to IN5d.com for the initial introduction, I hooked-up today with Kelli in her “Kelli In The Raw” Show, and we broadcasted a very special show through Google Hangouts. It is all about THE NAKED TRUTH of who we really are, all about other cosmic life, natural cures & healing, simple ways to change your life to gain much more abundance, WaveX, mantras, multiple dimensions, ghosts, vaccines, safe zone homes, negative vs. positive vibratory foods, and so much more! Some things on here NEVER SAID BEFORE … including how humankind is advancing from Homo Sapiens Sapiens to Homo Telepathia.

Dive into the Show, with gratitude for connecting:
Kelli In The Raw Invites Simon On Her Show (Sep 10, 2015)
I can almost guarantee you that you will love the direction!

To energizing higher!
Dr. Simon Atkins
Natural Health Practitioner, Vibrational Medicine / Energy Healing
Author, Skyaia®
Energetic Interconnectedness To Achieve Higher Awareness


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