mandalaGreetings Everyone! Today I come to you with a message from the Hathors about the Portal of Manifestation opening from the 7th to the 13th of August. A grand portal of manifestation is opening up again in line with the Lion’s Gate. This has happened before, but this year because of all the hard work that we’ve put in, the energies are a lot stronger and a lot clearer and are available for all.

In the channeling that you are about to hear they are excited to report that a very special deity has passed into our world. A deity that doesn’t have a name that is familiar to us, but that has been very active on this planet in the beginning when this planet was seeded with life.

When asked I was told that it is not a physical being, this deity has not manifested herself in the physical but is rather a collection of energies which have been integrated into our world. These energies are considered feminine in nature in our world, and hence our guides are using this concept for us to comprehend what it is. The energies are creative, motherly type, loving energies that are being channeled to earth through light beings that have been able to change their vibrations and “hover” if you will around the globe in order to project these manifestation energies to those who are ready to receive them.

Many of us in the physical form who are working with manifestation energies are also participating in this portal by receiving these energies and transferring them to all who are ready to receive them. As I said in a previous message to you, we are all acting as satellites if you will, and are located around the globe forming a “matrix” through which higher frequencies can be shared with all earthlings. The same thing here, starting today and through the 13th, we are not only able to partake of these energies and put into action our desires, but also act like transmitters of this magnificent energy for all around us.

Before I share the channeling with you, I would like to share with you the information on how to increase the manifestation energies in your life and what you are to focus on during the next 7 day period.

carnelian crystalI am told that Carnelian Stone is VERY powerful right now. So if you wish to increase your manifestation abilities, this is the stone to use at this time.

For those who are not familiar with Carnelian according to http://www.healing-crystals-for-you.com/carnelian-stones.html . Carnelian Stones are stones of action, that will give you the courage and confidence to move forward on a new path in life. It is strong stone to aid the physical body, as it maintains an improved flow of life force energy via the blood. The vibration of this bright orange stone, will accelerate your motivation, and aid you to clarify your goals, so you can find your best direction in life.

This power stone stimulates ambition and drive, so it will aid you in manifesting what you require to move onto your desired path forward in life. It aids moving forward on a new life path, and will aid you to make new, clearer decisions and better future career choices. There are many more wonderful ways and reasons of using Carnelian and I encourage those of you who are interested to research this stone for yourself.

Besides meditating with a Carnelian stone and wearing it during this portal, I am also advised to wear clothes that are Orange in color and eat orange colored foods, fruits and drink juices that are Orange in color, such as citrus, bell pepper, carrots, etc.

The most important thing at this time is to remain as calm as possible and think only the thoughts of abundance, prosperity, peace, love, harmony, bliss for all. Think of what you WANT to come to pass for you during this year, meaning starting from today 8/7/16 to 8/7/17. Continue thinking about it, put together a plan in your mind as to what it is exactly that you wish for.


I am told that you are to write these things down. The idea is not to create a plan of action that you are to adhere to, but to put together a rough draft of what you want and how you want it to come to pass, at the same time making sure to write down that you are open to whatever is the quickest, most beneficial, and most enriching way for you and those involved to get there. It is HIGHLY important to not get stuck on a specific way, and to allow things to play out as they will for the benefit of all involved.

Once again I’m told that we are to do this for 7 days. Then from 13 – 20 we are to simply relax, be in peace, and harmony and ground as much as possible. By grounding ourselves, we are actually drawing this manifestation energy into and through our bodies, allowing the energies that we have collected from 8/7/16 to 8/13/16 to settle into our cells thereby changing our thinking patterns in regards to manifestation, abundance and wealth.

As always this information is not set in stone, and is to be used as a guide. You don’t need to do everything exactly as stated. Follow your own intuition, do what feels right for YOU. And most importantly ENJOY this time, stay in Peace and allow these new vibrations to begin changing your perception in regards to Abundance. Note that you may experience certain discomfort as you are being recalibrated, but allow these sensations to pass and listen to your inner guidance, attuning yourself to the Manifestation Energies! I love you all!

Now having said this, here is the channeling that I have received from our benevolent galactic counterparts.

Brilliant greetings to all our divine brothers and sisters of light. We come in peace to commemorate the passing of a grate sage and guide into your world which has finally arrived upon your earthly abodes and shall begin their vocation as a human principle of light without delay. For the grand master of manifestation has arrived on your shores and shall ignite the manifesting powers within those who shall tune into the frequencies of manifestation.

For the grand portal of light and opportunity to….

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