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GoodETxSG_gravatar_150_15This post showed up today, and I felt it was a great question about the Blue Avians. This time I’m presenting the colors and bolding [almost exactly] as it is in the post. Some of GoodETxSG’s (Corey’s) replies are within the question text area.

[Kp note: you may note that there are no longer any numbers (like 2/6, 7/6) in the title since I am apparently finished with that phase of personal evolution.]


Forum post #629 (3-31-15, 12:32)

[Q] Curious if you know anything about the makeup and background of our Blue Avian beings. Do they have emotional, mental and physical “bodies” similar to ours?

(Corey: They manifest in a “Touchy Physical” feeling body. They seem to be sympathetic to my emotions.)

Is there physical appearance (blue and avian-like) their “natural” form or is that how it translates in our dimension and density and/or does it change depending on who they are interfacing with? Do we know anything about their lineage? Did they originate in this solar system or are they a “future” version of an currently existing specie?

(Corey: They have only appeared to me as a “Blue Avian” type of physical representation. They have not specified which of the spectrum they are considered to be in of the “Sphere Alliance 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th Density” levels. I will not speculate. They seem to communicate with me because they state that I (As quite a large amount of people on the plant) am “Star Seed” am from “Their Family/Soul Group”. They are many Millions/Billions of OUR years more evolved than us spiritually and dimensionally etc… I don’t think they started off as “Blue Macal’s” in Brazil and evolved into what they are now.)

When I think of them they inspire ideas of the “TARDIS” – LOL! I know that may sound quirky but if you know of Doctor Who then you may get the correlation to the blue box and its transdimentional, transpacial, timeless and chameleon-like qualities. I’m not sure if this is to come in the DW vids or if you even know this info, however, I appreciate your entertaining the questions.

(Corey: I am not sure I understand this part of the question.)

Blessings to you my friend!

[GoodETxSG] Thank you for the questions. The more precise the questions the better and more precise I can respond. I have been asked to do the Q and A on Forums until this firmly goes to the next level at some point. I am doing what is asked of me no matter what certain individuals think of me or my motives. I will continue to follow this path. Experiencing and Seeing the things I am I am compelled to… Time will tell if this is and exercise in futility… I am following orders as well as my heart. I have not left my own discernment out of the equation either.

Keep using your own discernment and move forward in your journey… May our paths all cross in a positive and loving way in the near future.


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