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GoodETxSG_gravatar_150_55Here’s a couple of posts that seemed of interest. The video is quite amazing, how it depicts the sphere craft as being destructive. Clearly a “fear porn” narrative.


FB Post 1

[Corey] I was told that the Order Of The Black Sun who tried to recruit me while I worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas would not like me speaking out about them or the “AI Prophets”. This is a direct response from them for doing so and an attack on the Sphere Alliance


FB Post 2

[Corey] Expect the strong Solar, Volcanic and EQ activity to pick up along with the Energetic Tsunamis ebbing and flowing into our Sol System in the coming weeks/months. Some are expecting there to be some very damaging activity in the ring of fire as well as some more EQ’s related to some of the underground/undersea battles that have been occurring for a few months now.

These have been battles between Cabal Group “Infighting”, Offword [off world] Groups being attacked by each other and former allies as well as Earth and SSP Alliance activity.

May especially has been a big month of the green lighting [lightning (?)] against Alliance targets. There have been some heavy losses incurred by the negative groups recently. At some point some of this activity is bound to spill over into the view of mainstream society.




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Intriguing Updates from Corey/GoodETxSG and the Sphere Alliance

by Starship Earth: The Big Picture

GoodETxSG_gravatar_150_55KP (thank you, KP) posted some very interesting excerpts these past couple of days from the blog/comments/Q&A’s Corey Goode has been doing from the Sphere Alliance and the Secret Space Programs (SSP).

In particular, Corey said he was “spoken to” about the length of time it was taking to get the info from the Sphere Alliance out to us. Apparently David Wilcock has been busy trying to earn a living as well as doing a tremendous amount of editing of audios and hasn’t released Part 2 of his Secret Space Program article, and it’s taking longer than the Blue Avians would like.

There will soon be some “events” happening and there may be visible evidence here to the surface population and we need to be apprised—I suspect to avoid fear, speculation, etc. about a possible “alien invasion”?

Image result for extraterrestrial ships


I certainly understand their sense of urgency, as “disclosure” has been moved up, it seems, and is now on the agenda for “pre-Event”, so delays in this information they want us to know could have serious repercussions. I’m all for sticking to the timetable.

We appreciate the work Corey and David have done to bring us this information and trust they will expedite as soon as humanly possible—or even INhumanly possible. Expect miracles.

We also learned that David/Corey will be releasing a FREE eBook, chock full of critical info. I know many are glad to hear it will be shared at no cost. It’s SO important to prepare Humanity for what will be shocking revelations. At least SOME of us have to understand the reality so we can assist others who will be rudely kicked out of bed amid a deep slumber.

Another observation I made is that Corey’s details agree with the information Cobra has shared recently. It’s always nice when our messengers provide confirmation, and I’m seeing this more and more these days.

If you are interested in learning more about The Event, Cobra and Rob Potter put together a massive eBook you can download to PC, tablet or smart phone instantly for $16.11 US atPrepare for Change, right hand side if you scroll down a little, called The Event Handbook.

And finally, yes, the cabal has launched a fear porn video about “spheres” and how evil they are. They should have called it, “Spheres for Fears”. (Sorry.) It’s a pretty lame music video.

You can read the actual updates from Corey and see that video using the links below.
Overall, it sounds like things are about to get very interesting, my friends… Eyes to the skies!  ~ BP




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